IBM advertising meets urban design

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If cities were smarter, then life in cities would be better.

This is the slogan of IBM's latest "Smarter Cities" campaign, which sees the brand making its communications output a little more useful by turning street ads into city furniture. IBM has created dual-purpose advertising- incorporating rain shelters, ramps and benches into its conventional advertisements. The tech giant used strategically bended sheets of metal to transform its marketing efforts into functional urban furniture.

The campaign is focused on making urban living a little more comfortable. The "People for Smarter Cities" outdoor ad project was executed by Ogivly Paris and highlights the notion that urban areas should be designed with citizens in mind.

It is not uncommon for brands to try and make their advertising inspirational or eye-catching, but IBM decided to bring a physical element to its ad campaigns, making them useful to the man on the street.

The ads also feature messages calling on people to share their thoughts and ideas on the "People for Smarter Cities" online hub, a forum that calls on doers, thinkers, problem solvers and dreamers to help make their urban areas a more comfortable place to live in.

The project was also designed "to spark positive change" and "unite city leaders and forward-thinking citizens".

The IBM campaign is not the first of its kind. Back in 2010, IKEA brought comfortable furniture to four metro stations in Paris.

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