Joanne Carew

Dawn of the hyper-available enterprise

As customer demand rises, data must be hyper-available and businesses need to become hyper-connected.


Small businesses are digital enablement success stories

There's no escaping the impact that digital technology is having on businesses of all sizes, says MTN's Llewellyn Ramsagar.


Mining social data for real business results

When successfully leveraging social BI, business leaders can uncover valuable insights about their employees and customers, and use this data to up their game.


Taking learning to the community

Is a non-profit organisation the next evolution in growing ICT skills within local communities?


Future-proofing SA for the fourth industrial revolution

Speaking at a recent Women in ICT Seminar, Dr Cherise Dunn noted that women can leverage the fourth industrial revolution to make their mark.


Learning lessons from women in ICT

Britehouse COO outlined her top tips for finding success in the ICT space, at College of Cape Town and On the Ball College's first Women in ICT Seminar.


Who goes there?

Identity management: the challenge of our time.


Women in ICT panel talk ups and downs

During a panel discussion at a recent Women in ICT Seminar, in Cape Town, a range of women in the tech space shared their stories.

Jul 31, 2018

ITSM in the age of digital transformation

A set of IT policies, processes, and procedures - ITSM is what your business needs to get ahead of the rest.

Jul 23, 2018

Why Wikipedia needs Africa

With just 1.3% of edits on Wikipedia coming from the African continent, Wikipedia needs more local contributors.

Jul 23, 2018

Closing knowledge gaps a focus for Wikipedia

Members of the global Wikimedia community gathered in Cape Town to discuss how to bridge global knowledge divides.

Jul 6, 2018

Weaponising Twitter

Twitter has become a place where politicians attack each other, but what impact do these interactions have on you and me?

Joanne Carew
ITWeb Cape-based contributor.

Joanne Carew is an ITWeb Cape-based contributor.