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Joanne Carew

ITWeb Cape-based contributor.

Joanne Carew is an ITWeb Cape-based contributor.


Features28 Mar

In banking, is purpose possible?

Purpose-driven banks prioritise building trusted relationships with their clients so that they can understand, and serve, them better. Is it achievable or idealistic?

Features22 Mar

The devil is in the data

If businesses want to uncover real insights and make smarter decisions, they need to prioritise effective data management.


Tsunami of data is coming – are modern data centres ready?

At Vertiv’s Accelerate 2.0 event speakers outlined why increased data centre efficiency and optimisation is important.

FeaturesFeb 29, 2024

AI in education: Possibilities and pitfalls

AI has the potential to address some of the biggest challenges in education, particularly in developing economies.

FeaturesFeb 22, 2024

Mind the K8 skills gap

Kubernetes adoption may be on the rise locally, but making the change is complex and needs to be managed carefully.


GenAI takes centre stage at Enterprise Forum

While attendees agreed that GenAI can add value for businesses of all sizes and across all industries, they also acknowledged the potential risks.

FeaturesJan 25, 2024

Building your digital brand

Modern technologies have radically changed the way customers interact with retail brands and how retailers run their businesses.

FeaturesJan 18, 2024

ERP in the cloud

ERP helps organisations boost efficiency and productivity. Combine this with the flexibility, agility and scalability of cloud and what you have is the functionality modern businesses need to adapt to any scenario.

FeaturesNov 30, 2023

Transforming the last mile

Transport and logistics businesses face a number of challenges around the last mile. But, luckily, there are a number of solutions helping them increase efficiency during this final step of a product’s journey.

FeaturesNov 24, 2023

Getting serious about SDN

While the networking space has traditionally lagged behind other areas of IT when it comes to innovation, SDN and SD-WAN hold incredible potential to deliver the next generation of connectivity.

FeaturesOct 27, 2023

Energised for innovation

As the world becomes more energy-constrained, the energy sector needs to prioritise efficiency over innovation.

FeaturesOct 19, 2023

Printing on point

Despite a recent decline in printing volumes, industry experts are optimistic about how printer brands can embrace new business models to remain relevant.