A little R & R goes a long way

Johannesburg, 20 Oct 2020

At Universe Direct, R & R means refurbished and rentals. Just as rest and recreation is a positive solution to the time we find ourselves in today, so Universe Direct's R & R solution will have an immediate positive effect on your balance sheet (ROA – return on assets).

If you opt to buy your equipment, you will notice it will depreciate in value over time. However, if you rent for business purposes, you can preserve capital and, in most IT business rental situations, the rental payments can be deducted from taxable profits, reducing the net cost.

Right now, one of the first questions you should ask whenever you are considering investing in an asset for your business should be: “Do I really need to purchase this?” Time and costs are a major factor in sourcing assets, and often, businesses will feel they only have two options: spend the money to buy it or go without.

Universe Direct is providing businesses with refurbished IT rentals – a solution that may be far more beneficial to a company’s bottom line, saving the company money and affording it a great deal more benefits than if it had bought an asset. Also, by choosing to buy refurbished IT equipment, you are still able to buy leading brand devices.

The main benefit of buying refurbished equipment is the cost. Brand new laptop computers have higher prices because you’re paying the market price. That means the consumer is taking on the cost of the new design, engineering, manufacturing and costly marketing campaigns. When you decide to purchase a refurbished device, those costs have already been dealt with and you’re paying for the machine.

All refurbished equipment from Universe Direct has undergone certified cleansing and stringent testing. “The refurbished hardware has gone through the wringer and come out shiny and renewed,” says Andrew Craig, owner of Universe Direct.

Universe Direct IT rentals provide a range of specialist services and expertise to assist in ensuring you get the absolute best out of your lease agreements. Universe Direct ensures it stocks all the relevant parts and offers a comprehensive guarantee on all its equipment.

Rent IT equipment from Universe Direct. We provide solutions to save capital and spread costs over time, with options to upgrade, extend, return or buy at the end of your lease agreement.

So, get a little R & R and enjoy Q4.


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