Adobe Learning Manager overcomes top LMS headaches in SA

Johannesburg, 22 Feb 2023

Organisations are increasingly focused on skills development and continual learning, but many of their digital learning programmes are beset with challenges.

This emerged during a webinar on accelerating learning, hosted by Adobe partner Dax Data.

Polls of webinar participants found that the top pain point around eLearning programmes was that learner usage is low and courses are not completed, with 48% citing this as a key challenge. Other pain points were learners don’t have access to personalised content (16%), their current learning management system (LMS) does not accommodate external partner training (16%) and the fact that there was no offline or 'on the go' training available for teams (9%).

Almost half of webinar attendeed (46%) did not have an LMS, 28% had one but did not feel it offered a great user experience, and 25% were satisfied that their LMS offered a good user experience.

Alex Mouton, e-learning business unit head and channel manager at Dax Data, said Adobe had addressed these pain points: “Future focused organisations can accelerate e-learning with Adobe Learning Manager (ALM)”, she said.

Vipin Kaul, head of APAC sales & WW customer success at Adobe Digital Learning outlined how Adobe Learning Manager enables personalised learning experiences at scale.

“Organisations today are building capabilities through their own people, which in turn is driving innovation and improving the customer experience. More organisations are moving to employee reskilling, compliance training and more. Research by IDC and Brandon Hall showed that every dollar spent on employee training increases CX improvement by 73%, and that 39% of organisations investing in effective customer education gain more customer referrals. In addition, 74% of organisations investing in sales, partner and franchisee training have higher customer satisfaction,” he said.

He explained that Adobe’s learning suite is built on Adobe Captivate which helps organisations to create digital learning content, while Adobe Learning Manager helps deliver digital learning, and Adobe Connect delivers synchronous webinar sessions and classes.

“The refreshed version of Adobe Learning Manager is a cloud-based platform to enable the hosting of unlimited content and deliver it at scale. At the same time, it enables a personalised learning experience,” Kaul said.

Brendan Coakley, senior partner manager, EMEA at Adobe Digital Learning, demonstrated some of the features that can be used to overcome challenges, such as making the learning experience more engaging through personalisation and gamification; and simplifying reporting for HR and administrators.

He noted: “Adobe Learning Manager makes personalised learning available at scale, supports individual learning paths, with features such as social learning, gamification with leaderboards, and personalised emails, to keep learners engaged,” he said.

User-generated content (UGC) boards allow users to have discussions, ask questions and interact. Users can also track their skills development, earn badges and certifications, and download them for posting to their online profiles.

For HR and administrators, detailed management and reporting makes it easy to get a high-level and granular view of team progress, making it easy to plan, adjust, and strengthen learning programmes and intervene when learners are off track. 

“With over 120 types of reports and the ability to customise dashboards, the common LMS reporting pain points are overcome,” Coakley said. “We also have a mobile app which allows users to consume learning content offline, and upload progress when they are online again, making it great to use during load shedding.”

He added that additional learning content from leading content developers is available through the content marketplace, covering areas from sales and leadership through to compliance, bullying and harassment awareness.

Adobe Learning Manager can be rolled out in just days or weeks, and can be branded in line with customer branding. Developer resources simplify customisation of tools, and the migration of existing learning content and records into the Adobe system.