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AI and immersion cooling: Dynamic duo for data centres

Johannesburg, 14 Mar 2024
Engineered Fluids’ coolants are biodegradable.
Engineered Fluids’ coolants are biodegradable.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of data centres, two transformative forces are converging: Artificial intelligence (AI) and immersion cooling. Let’s explore how these technologies intersect, their impact on data centres and why immersion cooling is the ultimate solution.

The AI surge in data centres

  1. Increased heat load: AI workloads generate substantial heat. As data centres adopt AI-driven applications, the demand for efficient cooling solutions intensifies.
  2. Dynamic workloads: AI workloads fluctuate significantly. Traditional cooling methods struggle to adapt quickly, leading to inefficiencies.
  3. Predictive analytics: AI algorithms predict server load patterns, allowing data centres to optimise cooling resources proactively.
  4. Energy efficiency: AI-driven systems dynamically adjust cooling parameters, minimising energy consumption while maintaining performance.

Why immersion cooling?

  1. Efficient heat dissipation: Immersion cooling directly submerges servers in dielectric fluids. These fluids have superior heat transfer properties, dissipating heat more effectively than air or water.
  2. Reduced energy consumption: Without fans, immersion-cooled data centres consume less energy. This translates to cost savings and environmental benefits.
  3. Space optimisation: Immersion cooling eliminates bulky air conditioning infrastructure, freeing up valuable space within data centres.
  4. Silent operation: Noise from fans is eliminated, creating a quieter environment.

Engineered Fluids: The immersion cooling expert

Engineered Fluids leads the way in immersion cooling solutions:

  1. Engineered Fluids can provide a full turnkey immersion-ready solution. It has tier II ready designs for deployment with each 42U EIA and 48U OCP tank capable of removing 300kW heat load.
  2. The company is tier III aligned.
  3. Engineered Fluids can provide immersion-ready servers available with industry-standard warranties.

Engineered Fluids manufactures and distributes its own specialised dielectric coolants. These are:

Environmentally sustainable: Engineered Fluids’ coolants are biodegradable and have zero global warming potential.

Material compatibility: The coolants are verified and warrantied for compatibility with various materials.

Safety first: Immersion cooling eliminates health hazards associated with traditional methods.

Product offerings: Engineered Fluids provides immersion cooling products, including AmpCool, BitCool, ElectroCool, and SubmergeDeep.


As AI reshapes data centres, immersion cooling emerges as the ideal partner. Engineered Fluids’ expertise ensures safe, efficient and sustainable cooling solutions. Whether you’re upgrading an existing data centre or building a new one, consider the power of AI and the efficiency of immersion cooling – a winning combination for the data centres of tomorrow.

Contact Dani Yudelowitz at dani.yudelowitz@engineeredfluids to find out more information.


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