APNs are dead – execMobile can save you 50% on corporate mobile data

Johannesburg, 27 Jan 2021

execMobile, South Africa’s leading alternative mobile data provider, has many good reasons why customers should cancel their corporate mobile APNs and move to more cost-effective, secure solutions.

Corporate mobile data costs have increased dramatically as employees are forced to work remotely, and mobile data volumes have increased to circa 10GB per employee per month. The increase in associated costs for this new normal is due mainly to the extensive use of mobile access point networks (APNs) by corporates, often paying >R100/GB.

Why pay R1 000 per employee per month, when execMobile only charges R330 for 10GB (67% saving). At 20GB, APN users would pay R2000 per month, or only R420 with execMobile (78% saving).

The real costs are even higher for corporates, if data centres, firewalls, backhaul and Internet access are all totalled up. Perhaps the most important issue in South Africa is that June 2021 sees the implementation of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). The lockdown has forced companies to start thinking differently about their cyber security. Regardless of where employees are based, the systems must be in place to protect all entry points in such a digitally driven corporate environment. APNs are woeful at this.

execMobile believes there are six key reasons why you need to call us today to migrate away from your corporate mobile APN:

APNs are overpriced Work from anywhere users are consuming much more data, often with limited controls in place. APNs were designed in an era when less data was consumed, and users needed to access the corporate data centre.

Achieve savings of 50% or more on mobile data costs.

APNs are outdated Data centre network and security architecture is outdated for cloud-based services (Office 365, Azure, AWS, etc) where users need to access these from anywhere.

We enable access to the Internet directly from the user’s device.

APNs are rigid 24-month contracts are the norm, as is the need to specify a correct data bundle size to not be charged higher out-of-bundle rates.

We offer month-to-month options.

APNs are complex If MTN and Vodacom coverage is needed, multiple APNs are needed, compounding the complexity of choosing correct bundle sizes on each APN and administering multiple platforms.

execMobile manages multiple vendors to remove complexity.

APNs are insecure APNs offer no endpoint security, relying on policies and anti-everything controls at the central data centre to protect the company.

We offer new age SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solutions (Netmotion, zScaler) which are cloud native, perfect for remote users.

APNs poor Mgmt: Substandard mobile operator portals, together with no standard RADIUS services (specifically to control usage per SIM) means usage is uncontrolled per user, and monthly reporting even worse.

We pride ourselves in the level of management and control we offer corporates, to control all mobile data usage.

The proliferation of multicloud environments or hybrid IT infrastructures are further driving the need to orchestrate, manage and create security visibility without losing agility and speed.

Why not call execMobile today to see if we are able to reduce your mobile data spend by half and offer you all the above benefits. We have proudly served many corporates' global mobile data needs and are now disrupting the local mobile data market status quo.




execMobile provides organizations with secure mobile internet connectivity for enterprises, travellers, or things. Our global solution with failover capabilities gives organizations superior and unprecedented access to reliable and high-quality Internet, with the lowest latency. Organizations can seamlessly deploy eSIM data plans across their user base, optimize connectivity cost and fully manage different subscribers in real-time, in a centralized manner.

Our local solutions will disrupt the mobile data APN status quo, providing 2021 requirements to a new world created in 2020.

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Jody Carollissen
General Manager - execMobile