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Azul partners with IBM on a survey to uncover organisational storage needs

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 19 Mar 2024
Sean Olivier, MD, Azul Consulting.
Sean Olivier, MD, Azul Consulting.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape where data reigns supreme, the importance of efficient storage solutions cannot be overstated.

Recognising this critical aspect of modern IT infrastructure, Azul has teamed up with IBM to conduct a comprehensive survey focused on IBM FlashSystem Storage. This collaborative effort aims to delve into the intricacies of organisational storage requirements, shedding light on the evolving needs and challenges faced by businesses in managing their data assets.

Sean Olivier, MD of Azul, says, “We make it our business to understand your ‘as-is’ and work with you to deliver your ‘to-be’ transforming your platforms into innovative, secure, and automated environments that meet your current and future business and operational requirements.

“We reduce complexity, increase speed, and reduce time to deployment with our “automation first” approach to infrastructure deployment and management across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

“At Azul, we demonstrate the value we add through the quality of our work and our attention to detail. We have the skills and capability to do things right the first time.”

This survey marks the commencement of an insightful journey into the realm of storage solutions. Designed to gather valuable insights directly from IT industry professionals, the survey seeks to unravel the complexities surrounding storage infrastructure within organisations. By partnering with IBM, a global leader in innovative storage technology, Azul endeavors to paint a comprehensive picture of the storage landscape, highlighting key trends, pain points, and emerging needs.

At the core of this collaboration lies IBM FlashSystem Storage, renowned for its cutting-edge technology and unmatched performance.

As organisations grapple with escalating data volumes and increasingly complex workloads, the need for robust storage solutions has never been more critical. IBM FlashSystem Storage addresses these challenges head-on, offering unparalleled speed, scalability, and reliability to meet the demands of today's digital environment.

Furthermore, amidst the ever-present threat of cyberattacks and ransomware, the importance of cybersecurity and resilience has taken center stage.

In tandem with the survey launch, IBM is proud to announce the availability of the new FCM4 (FlashCore Module 4), designed to enhance cyber resilience, performance, and power efficiency. With faster ransomware threat detection capabilities, the FCM4 empowers organisations to safeguard their data assets and maintain operational continuity in the face of evolving security threats.

The survey seeks to uncover whether respondents are satisfied with their current storage systems, challenges faced with storage infrastructure and factors that would influence their decision to choose IBM FlashSystem Storage solutions over competitors.

By participating in the survey, you’ll be contributing to this local research project. The detailed results of the survey will be published on ITWeb.

To complete the survey, click here.