Bang for your buck. Buy refurbished

Johannesburg, 26 Aug 2020

For Universe Direct, refurbished means that previously opened or used products have undergone a rigorous refurbishing process to achieve the highest possible global quality and performance standards.

Everyone needs technology these days, whether it is a PC, laptop, server, tablet or cellphone.

By choosing to buy refurbished IT equipment, you are still able to buy leading brand devices. Companies turn over their IT equipment on a regular basis so refurbished hardware gives you access to high-end business-class equipment at a fraction of the cost.

The main benefit of buying refurbished equipment is the cost. Brand new laptop computers have higher prices because you’re paying the market price. That means, the consumer is taking on the cost of the new design, engineering, manufacturing and costly marketing campaigns. When you decide to purchase a refurbished device, those costs have already been dealt with and you’re paying for the machine.

All refurbished equipment from Universe Direct has undergone certified cleansing and stringent testing. “The refurbished hardware has gone through the wringer and come out shiny and renewed,” says Andrew Craig, owner of Universe Direct.

Buying refurbished also leaves a positive impact on the environment; by buying refurbished equipment, you are doing your part to reduce the ever-increasing volumes of e-waste being generated every year.

Every refurbished laptop, printer, scanner, server or desktop computer you buy from Universe Direct is one less piece of equipment going to the toxic waste dump.

In short, refurbished equipment is reliable, and the savings gained on upfront costs and support should be considered when making the decision to purchase IT equipment. Considering refurbished hardware should always be part of the mix.

Universe Direct is South Africa’s largest distributer of refurbished IT equipment and we pride ourselves in our ongoing guarantee of both equipment and onsite and remote service.


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