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Beyond the discounts: Insider threat prevention, response as we gear up for Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Johannesburg, 21 Nov 2023
Rian Schoeman, Managing Executive of Operations, Altron Security.
Rian Schoeman, Managing Executive of Operations, Altron Security.

In the dynamic world of cyber security, employees often find themselves unwittingly entangled in the web of security incidents. From unintentional data breaches to calculated malicious attacks, the risks are diverse.

According to Rian Schoeman, Managing Executive of Operations at Altron Security, most organisations lack the protocols to identify, let alone prevent, the potential risks that may arise within their own workforce, better known as insider threats.

This press release unpacks the unique challenges of insider threat prevention, especially during high-stakes seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, providing businesses with actionable strategies, best practices and recommendations to stay one step ahead of insider threats.

Cyber fraud has evolved over the past few years, with syndicates becoming more involved and harnessing technological advancements to perpetrate fraudulent actions. Often, wittingly or unwittingly, employees can be implicated in the scheme and become an insider threat, Schoeman adds. Countering these threats during peak seasons demands robust governance, including accountability and access control measures, as well as tools tailored towards identifying and preventing insider fraud activity.

The appointment of third-party contractors or deviation from standard processes to accommodate increased pressures during peak shopping seasons often present the perfect breeding ground for malicious insiders to engage in fraudulent activity, and this is where the above mentioned governance processes come in. Measures like spot audits and flexible access control tools capable of adapting to these changes include some of the measures that organisations can take during these periods to ensure that basic governance remains intact.

Many traditional security tools are not geared towards dealing with insider threats, and state-of-the-art tools like user behaviour analytics – which detects variations in the way people use and access systems – are some of the technologies that can be employed, Schoeman continues. These tools make use of machine learning to determine how a user would normally interact with a computer or their network and would be able to alert an administrator of any changes in such behaviour.

With the rise of remote working, it has become more difficult than ever to detect who is really interacting with your network, and that is why adopting a zero trust approach (never trust, always verify) has become more and more critical in combating insider fraud. Two-factor authentication and biometric access controls still play a large role in ensuring that only authorised individuals interact with your network.

Turning to tools and technology, Schoeman shares: “Tools like BioTrust can play a vital role in ensuring accountability, by linking individuals to transactions, through a variety of biometric modalities, signing and sealing each transaction and creating an audit trail. This not only serves as a deterrent, but also creates a very strong trail of evidence in the case of insider fraud.

"To further bolster the line-up of tools, one can never exclude privileged access management (PAM), which controls and monitors privileged access based on the principle of least privilege. PAM reduces the attack surface, mitigating risks from both malicious insiders and external cyber threats.”

Proactive insider threat prevention isn't just about security; it's about maintaining and protecting your brand's reputation. Adhering to regulatory requirements is the first step. Prioritise compliance, governance, privacy and security – especially during the holiday season. Build systems with these priorities in mind and you're not just preventing threats, you're safeguarding your brand.

As the holiday season approaches, vigilance is the name of the game. Implement robust governance, conduct due diligence and maintain security controls. A proactive approach, fuelled by advanced tools and a strong cyber security posture, not only aligns with compliance but also enhances overall security. It's not just about preventing insider threats, it's about building resilience against the ever-evolving threats in the cyber security landscape. Stay secure, stay vigilant and let the season of savings be just that – without compromising on security.