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Blue Turtle partners with Majesti-fi to deliver a global secure data roaming WiFi solution

Johannesburg, 13 Aug 2018

Blue Turtle Technologies, a leader in enterprise technology management, has partnered with Majesti-fi to offer a competitive, hassle-free international, secure data roaming WiFi solution.

The partnership will combine the extensive skill set of Blue Turtle with Majesti-fi's award-winning 3G/4G WiFi hotspot solution, providing the world's first SIM-free global WiFi solution as a business alternative to new and existing clients in the region.

As a newly appointed reseller partner, Blue Turtle will integrate Majesti-fi's WiFi offering into its FinTech solutions to market to help clients manage and reduce expenditure when roaming in multiple countries, while ensuring a secure, encrypted connection. This removes the need for users to connect to unsecure WiFi while travelling, allowing for seamless, reliable connectivity without limits, using virtual SIM technology.

"Staying connected while travelling abroad is expensive, with data rates often varying significantly between different countries based on the different tariff plans offered by the home-country network provider. Furthermore, free WiFi in the countries one visits is generally limited in range, slow and cumbersome to sign up on, with users often having to sign up on multiple different WiFi hotspots while moving around," says Justin Arnoldi, Head of FinTech at Blue Turtle Technologies.

"Majesti-fi is a pocket-sized and innovative personal hotspot that can cut your roaming costs by up to 90%. With an operating battery time of up to 13 hours and 48 hours in standby, it can also be used as a power bank with the Majesti-fi Smart model. The personal hotspot seamlessly connects to the network operator with the strongest signal, and allows for five devices to be connected simultaneously, ensuring that you remain securely connected with an encrypted connection, without being limited to one mobile user," adds Arnoldi.

Majesti-fi's international roaming WiFi offering operates in over 110 countries and automatically connects to a preferred local 3G or 4G network operator based on the strongest signal available at any given point.

"As technology evolves, so does the need to protect and secure access points to the Internet, especially when travelling abroad. Majesti-fi's private network ensures protection against common threats such as snooping, malware infection, hacking or man in the middle attacks," says Duncan Baxter, Sales Director Africa at Majesti-fi.

Blue Turtle's mission is to help clients integrate meaningful solutions to help them engage, transact, gain insight and more accurately predict behaviour.

Blue Turtle is facilitating the sign-up of Majesti-fi's roaming solution. For more information, send an e-mail to


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