Centrax Systems achieves Advanced Partner status with Zoho

Johannesburg, 19 Nov 2021

Centrax Systems proudly announced today it has achieved the Advanced Partner status with Zoho, a business software solutions company with over 25 years of experience in business software development. Zoho began with its Zoho CRM platform in 2005 and has expanded to all different departments of business and enterprise, now with over 50+ apps bundled together to provide a unified experience.

Centrax Systems has exceeded high standards of performance to qualify for Advanced status within Zoho’s Global Partner Program. Advanced status includes many exclusive programmes and benefits designed to support further enablement and business growth.

The strength of 15 years and counting has put us on the forefront of our client’s digital transformation needs; that's over a decade of expertise, experience and combined skills readily available to serve you – our customers.

Recognised as the fastest growing partner in Middle East Africa, Centrax Systems has elevated to Advanced Partner status with Zoho, after four strategic years of becoming masters of the Zoho Application Suite, and perfecting the entire customer onboarding experience for organisations of all sizes and verticals.

Customer experience

So now that we are an Advanced Partner, what should our trusted customers look forward to?

We have developed a team of customer satisfaction agents who perform on our business frontline as the Zoho champions for our customers' needs, right to the supporting pre-sales team that is ready to execute, integrate, implement, consult, support and train – or you could just pick our brain on a new feature release. Our team of experts help you quickly align your business strategy, IT goals and map your processes within the respective destination apps, all while advisory on best practice is served alongside our recommendations with your goals top of mind.

As an Advanced Partner, we have undertaken to spend more time understanding you, your business, or your soon-to-be business before we even talk about the features. With power comes great responsibility, and with this responsibility we are changing the way you see SaaS. We are not just about the initial technology investment, we are about long-term partnerships in helping our customers quickly realise value and reach ROI.

The future of Centrax

We’ve been in a constant state of innovation since we opened our doors, but the past 18 months have brought so much clarity to where we’re headed as a solutions provider. We see our role within our clients’ business as one of leadership, guidance and improved visibility into what drives their businesses forward. To do that, we’ve shifted our attention to placing an emphasis on clearly defining the value we’re providing for clients by tasking ourselves with defined roadmaps in a single pane of glass alongside work in progress and company priorities for each of our clients.


Centrax Systems

Centrax Systems a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor,delivers digital transformation and next-generation technology solutions and services that address customer challenges from needs analysis to execution.

We work with customers across their value chain, helping to plan, design, build, operate, and maintain their digital platforms.

Centrax Zoho Practice

Our Zoho Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) practice is an end-to-end consulting, software implementation, and project management service dedicated to assisting mid-sized to large businesses in deploying the best solutions to optimize their business processes.

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