Château Gâteaux optimises delivery process through ATG's MultiTRAX

Johannesburg, 30 May 2023

Château Gâteaux, ‘The Cake People’, now in its 25th year of supplying gourmet cakes across SA, has optimised its delivery processes with the MultiTRAX delivery application from the Argility Technology Group (ATG).

With 20 outlets and still growing, Château Gâteaux has implemented the solution in its primary locations – Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban – to streamline deliveries and allow customers to track their celebration treats delivery in real-time.

Fact sheet
Solution: MultiTRAX
Industry: Gourmet cakes
Provider: Argility Technology Group
User: Château Gâteaux

Stefan Terblanche, ATG’s Client Success Manager, says the newest features to MultiTRAX include enhanced Management Module functionality such as:

  • Improved delivery file integration;
  • KPI dashboards with graphical driver and customer metrics;
  • Improved map views including optimised route numbering;
  • In-depth self-service driver and customer reporting functionality; and
  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA) visibility to control room staff across all deliveries in a delivery schedule, allowing effective communication with the customer while goods are in transit.

Château Gâteaux vehicles make up to 25 deliveries daily. The company, therefore, implemented MultiTRAX to ensure optimal delivery efficiency.

“The MultiTRAX system integrates customer delivery data from the Château Gâteaux e-commerce site, validates address quality against Google Maps and then allocates the daily deliveries to the nominated driver. A critical dependency of the system is quality and address validation at the point of input by the customer. Because the accuracy of the address data is crucial for seamless navigation by the driver, the address validation feature simplifies user capture ensuring tighter control and fewer delivery failures. Another benefit of MultiTRAX is that delivery notes are digitised in logical process flows and are immediately made available to the control centre through the MultiTRAX Management Module, ensuring delivery note real-time availability to control centre staff,” says Terblanche.

The MultiTRAX Management Module allows the central delivery control room to view and track the driver’s progress on the optimised delivery route. Review of previous delivery routes and obtaining a better understanding of driver productivity is enabled through the Management Module. Extensive reporting regarding all delivery activities, per driver, is available to the central control room through the selected MultiTRAX reporting parameters.

Terblanche explains that MultiTRAX is a customer-centric delivery application that keeps the customer informed of the delivery progress. Customers can view the driver position and ETA via their smartphones and each delivery is concluded with a digital customer satisfaction score entered by them onto their phones. This helps Château Gâteaux to gain a clear picture of its customer satisfaction levels. Driver inefficiencies can be promptly identified to allow for performance improvement on highlighted areas of weakness based on specific customer scores and celebrations of what ‘good’ service looks like.

Geospatial stamping on all deliveries will allow Château Gâteaux to analyse and clearly understand their selling and delivery areas.

Michelle Crafford, Château Gâteaux Operations Manager, says MultiTRAX has provided a much-needed solution for its e-commerce delivery service. “We are obsessed with excellence and mastery of everything we do. Due to the nature of our products, it is important for us to deliver each handcrafted cake to customers as efficiently as possible. Not only has MultiTRAX provided us with an easy-to-use system, which optimises our delivery routes, they have also enhanced our customer experiences through the live tracking feature. Additionally, clients can rate our delivery service, which assists us to ensure that the highest possible standards are maintained,” says Crafford. “Château Gâteaux is a highly valued customer of ATG and we are proud that the power of MultiTRAX is contributing to the continued growth and success of this high-profile South African brand,” concludes Terblanche.


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