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Cloud Essentials’ Expert Insights Webinar: What your compliance score is telling you and getting started with Compliance Manager (Microsoft Purview)

Date: Wednesday, 28 June at 12pm (GMT+1)

Johannesburg, 19 Jun 2023

How Microsoft Compliance Manager functionality could make implementing, overseeing and reporting on data compliance easier and more effective in your business.

If your organisation uses Microsoft, there are numerous tools included in the licence that can help you to oversee, manage and report on your company’s information protection compliance and governance. It doesn’t cost extra and doesn’t require IT configuration time to get started. All you need is a suitable user profile for Microsoft Compliance Manager, which can be set up easily by IT.

With access to Compliance Manager, you will discover an easy-to-understand dashboard which, from day one, provides an instant snapshot of your current compliance position against baseline data protection templates. And recommended actions based on risk-rated activities, which help to focus and drive future activity. 

Join our webinar on Wednesday, 28 June at 12pm (GMT+1) for a detailed demonstration of how to get started and to see how, from the moment it is switched on, Compliance Manager could help you to accelerate your compliance journey.

Our compliance expert, Nivasha Sanilal, helps our clients to implement Microsoft technology to support their compliance activities. Bridging the gap between the technology and a deep understanding of compliance requirements, she will demonstrate how activating Microsoft Compliance Manager and using Microsoft Purview in your business can help you:

  • Gain an understanding of your compliance position against baseline templates;
  • Demonstrate how technology controls form part of the overall compliance strategy;
  • Focus your activities on actions that will reduce your risk; and
  • Report confidently and easily on your compliance position.

During the webinar, we’ll walk you through the dashboard, help to explain what to look for where and draw on best practice experience to demonstrate quick wins.


Microsoft Purview technology can help you to support and enforce your data compliance policies. When configured correctly, permissions and access levels at an individual user and document level can be set to actively prevent breaches. Compliance is no longer just reliant on your staff engaging with and following company policies; Microsoft Purview can be configured to stop inadvertent breaches altogether and to alert you to potentially risky behaviour. Its reporting mechanisms also make it easy to demonstrate your business is taking adequate measures to put in place controls for regulatory compliance. Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Compliance Manager could already be at your fingertips – now’s the time to unlock its potential.