Cloud PBX just a trend

Cape Town, 10 Jan 2018

In an age where technology trends last as long as the price of a Bitcoin it comes as no surprise that the Cloud PBX was also not expected to last. The Cloud PBX was simply seen as just another trend that would pass by with the wind. However this would not be case for a solution that was originally approached cautiously. It was expected that South African businesses would be reluctant to make the change but it was also expected that once a customer or reseller made the decision to try a Wanatel Cloud based solution they wouldn't be able to imagine going back. The introduction of Cloud PBX's has had a very positive effect on the South African VOIP industry.

In an era where apps are upgraded so easily why are we still required to accommodate an inconvenient and in some cases costly site visit to upgrade a PBX? Cloud PBX solutions are upgraded regularly without the client ever being aware until new features are highlighted to them by the service provider.

Why should setting up time conditions be so time-consuming? The answer to that question is quite simple. It shouldn't. Wanatel's Cloud PBX Solution allows this process to be completed in minutes even if the user changes their mind ten times in the few minutes it took to active it.

Why do we need specialised software to convert voice recordings into the format the PBX's need? Why can't we simply pick up the phone record a message and the task is done? The answer is simple, we don't need special software when using Wanatel.

There is long list of why's and Wanatel has addressed a number of the questions and frustrations that customers and resellers have had when using other Hosted PBX solutions. Wanatel also continues to evolve its Cloud PBX solution to further create a product that enables quick deployment and easy management. Wanatel is always proud about the fact that it takes less time to request and activate a Cloud PBX than it did to read this short article.


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