CQuential announces partnership with Flowgear

Johannesburg, 04 Nov 2021
Daniel Schotter, CQuential Operations Executive.
Daniel Schotter, CQuential Operations Executive.

CQuential – part of the Argility Technology Group and a developer of leading supply chain and warehouse management solutions and services (WMS) – has partnered with integration and automation specialist Flowgear in a move that will better enable CQuential’s ability to integrate with customers’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

CQuential’s core business has always been in optimising clients’ supply chain and warehouses, says Daniel Schotter, CQuential Operations Executive. “To achieve this, we invariably must integrate with our clients’ ERP systems. Traditionally, this has proven to be a complex and time-consuming exercise that negatively impacted on the overall cost of implementation. Following extensive market research, we identified Flowgear, an up and coming integration as a service (IaaS) provider that had the right adaptors and entrepreneurial approach to business that is fundamental to CQuential’s market operations,” says Schotter. 

He confirms the company’s rationale behind this move was driven by a need to either develop an in-house ‘Enterprise Service Bus’ or partner with a service provider that could fulfil the interface requirements. “In the past, we partnered with other integration houses but found those technologies rather expensive and, as such, prohibitive. We wanted to focus on our core strengths and partner with a business that could remove this hurdle to market for us. Flowgear is an excellent fit for us, as it has so many synergies with our offerings with an environment that is intuitive and easy to use,” notes Schotter. He adds CQuential has already integrated – on behalf of/and with clients – various packages including, Netsuite, K-Motion WMS and VeraCore WMS to name just some.

CQuential CEO, Shaun O’Brien, explains Flowgear offers integration and automation, on-premises and in the cloud. “Flowgear enables companies of all sizes to increase efficiency and reduce cost by integrating their apps, services, APIs and databases. At a far greater pace, and reduced cost, we can now self-deploy new interfaces with our current and prospective clients and generate other opportunities on behalf of our customers, as well as onwards to their clients,” O’Brien concludes.


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Cquential Solutions - a member of the Argility Technology Group - is a software development and services company that provides complete solutions for Supply Chain and Warehouse Management.

Cquential WMS - our sophisticated Cloud Warehouse Management solution, has been developed in-house by our team of highly experienced warehouse and IT management experts. Cquential’s globally competitive technology enables companies to transform their warehouses into strategic assets thus becoming an integral part of the supply chain. We work with customers to design and implement flexible, scalable, warehouse solutions that enable them to rapidly respond to ever changing operational needs. Our solutions – successfully deployed in South Africa and around the world - are suited to multiple warehouse environments from small to multi-national corporations and across multiple sectors from manufacturing, retail, chemical, food and beverage, to pharmaceuticals and logistics.

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