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Cyber security awareness and training must be ongoing

Johannesburg, 10 Nov 2023
Watch out for a spike in cyber threats in SA during the week leading up to Black Friday.
Watch out for a spike in cyber threats in SA during the week leading up to Black Friday.

Even if your company missed out on Cyber Awareness Month in October, it is never too late to empower your HR and IT departments with tailor-made training programmes, says Isabel Adams, People Enablement Director at AVeS Cyber Security, which recently won the KnowBe4 Partner to Watch Award.

KnowBe4 provides the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform. The Partner to Watch Award is bestowed on a channel partner that has demonstrated excellence in promoting awareness of the human element in cyber security. The award recognises the partner’s commitment to protecting customers, marketing innovation and security thought leadership.

“With so many companies relying on digital technology, cyber security is essential to protect your data, system and business reputation from malicious attacks that could compromise your operations, customers and stakeholders,” says Adams.

It is particularly important given upcoming events like Black Friday on 24 November. Research conducted by Surfshark Antivirus in 2022 found that there was a 17% spike in cyber threats in South Africa during the week leading up to Black Friday. The study revealed that every 50th scan found at least one threat, with South Africa experiencing a threat rate of 13 per 100 scan cycles.

Therefore, it is important to note that cyber security is not a once-off event, and neither does it represent a static state of a business at any given point. “It requires ongoing awareness and training to keep up with the ever-evolving threats and best practices,” says Adams.

Employees need to be educated and empowered to recognise and respond to a range of cyber risks, from phishing to ransomware and password management, among others. It is important to assist your staff to develop a security mindset and a culture of vigilance.

Ongoing training reduces the likelihood and impact of cyber incidents, especially as human error is often the main cause of many breaches. Providing training to raise awareness lessens the risk of employees falling victim to scams, clicking on malicious links or sharing sensitive information. They are also equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to detect and report suspicious activities, minimising the damage in the event of any incident.

Cyber security is not only a technical issue, but also a legal and ethical one. Depending on your industry and location, companies need to be aware of the various regulations and standards that must be complied with. Again, this requires employees to be trained accordingly. On the customer side, it establishes you as a credible and compliant company that can be relied on and trusted.

Ongoing training and awareness boosts productivity and efficiency. Cyber incidents disrupt business operations, cause downtime or result in data loss or corruption. Preventing or mitigating cyber incidents ensures business continuity and guarantees the quality of your services and products. “Our training allows companies to leverage the latest technology and innovations without compromising their security,” says Adams.

While employees may be at the greatest risk from any cyber attack, quality training that is ongoing and updated regularly effectively transforms them into the first line of defence. “You effectively create a human firewall to protect your company from the inside out. However, insist on proper training from experts or trusted experts such as AVeS Cyber Security,” says Adams.

“To ensure employees remain vigilant, we recommend consistent, quality cyber awareness training; we can provide quotes to suit any organisation’s specific needs in terms of budget and objectives,” she concludes.

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"Research shows a 17% spike in cyber threats in SA during the week leading up to Black Friday; tips to stay safe":


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Over the past 24 years, AVeS Cyber Security has strategically honed its solutions and services to help businesses future-proof their IT environments against the continually evolving threat landscape while achieving their digital transformation aspirations. The company offers a leading portfolio of professional services, products, and training in security, infrastructure, and governance solutions. Every year, the company continues to win numerous awards from some of the world’s top technology vendors, indicating competency, strength, innovation, and robustness in an industry that is fast growing in complexity due to evolving challenges, such as ransomware, advanced targeted attacks, and the Internet of Things.

The more recent awards include Kaspersky’s Africa Partner of the Year 2019, 2020 and 2021, 2022 and Partner of the year, Sophos’ Public Cloud Partner of the Year 2021, and ESET’s Best in the Biz Award 2021. AVeS Cyber Security also received prominent partner statuses across its portfolio, such as Microsoft Gold Security Partner, DellEMC Gold Partner, Veeam Silver Partner, and Sophos Platinum Partner.

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