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Data security and sovereignty: Huawei Cloud goes to great lengths to protect SA data

Johannesburg, 12 Feb 2024
Jay Zhou, Managing Director of Huawei Cloud.
Jay Zhou, Managing Director of Huawei Cloud.

Huawei Cloud is making good inroads into the South African market thanks to its security, compliance and in-country data centres and support.

So says Jay Zhou, Managing Director of Huawei Cloud SA, who notes that Huawei Cloud applies the highest security level in the industry, is compliant with local privacy regulations and laws, and offers the assurance of data sovereignty for every person and organisations.

Zhou says: “In South Africa – particularly with regards to personal data – there is a strong focus on data sovereignty. Many organisations have concerns about the implications of their data leaving the country, and the possibility of foreign nation-states being able to access their sensitive data. Huawei Cloud provides users with solutions with extremely high security and availability to address these concerns. At the beginning of 2023, Huawei Cloud officially launched its third availability zone in the South Africa region and has invested more than R3.5 billion in local infrastructure in South Africa, including cloud data centres, networks and services.”

Importantly, Huawei has stated that it is a private company wholly owned by its employees. No government or any third party holds shares in the company, intervenes in operations or influences its decision-making. Huawei notes: "There is no Chinese law authorising the state intelligence agency to require a telecommunications equipment manufacturer to implant backdoors or disable customer networks. If we are ever put in a position that jeopardises our independence, the security of our products or customer networks, we would sooner shut down the company than violate our principles."

Zhou says: “This assurance is building trust in Huawei Cloud and its world-class portfolio of solutions, underpinned by advanced security, data privacy and compliance tools.

“We rely on over 30 years of security experience, combining the best cloud security practices in and outside China, and always complying with all applicable laws, regulations and cloud security standards and specifications in the service provisioning area.”

He says: "We provide customers with cloud security services that are easily available, scalable and offered on a pay-per-use basis, helping customers protect application systems and important data on the cloud.”

Zhou notes that Huawei Cloud underpins data privacy by integrating security and privacy protection measures into cloud service life cycles to ensure cloud services protect sensitive and personal data and comply with local and international laws, regulations and industry standards.

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