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Dell partners Nvidia to accelerate AI adoption

Christopher Tredger
By Christopher Tredger, Portals editor
Johannesburg, 20 Mar 2024
Michael Dell, founder and CEO, Dell Technologies.
Michael Dell, founder and CEO, Dell Technologies.

Dell Technologies has partnered with Nvidia to boost AI deployments and alleviate challenges such as proprietary data management and lack of available skills.

Dell has expanded its Dell GenAI Solutions portfolio, including a new Dell AI Factory with Nvidia. It says this will help organisations maximise generative AI (GenAI) investments and simplify integration of their data, AI tools and on-premises infrastructure.

Its portfolio includes Dell GenAI Solutions with Nvidia RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation). RAG has emerged as a solution for enterprises to bring proprietary data to applications and improve the accuracy of GenAI models without extensive model training and tuning.

With the Nvidia-based AI Factory, customers will be able to use Dell servers, storage, and networking infrastructure to serve proprietary data to RAG-integrated AI inferencing systems for more accurate results and better analyses.Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Technologies, said, “Through our combined efforts, organisations can seamlessly integrate data with their own use cases and streamline the development of customised GenAI models.”

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia, said AI factories are central to creating intelligence on an industrial scale. “Together, Nvidia and Dell are helping enterprises create AI factories to turn their proprietary data into powerful insights.”

Dell will collaborate with Nvidia to introduce a rack-scale, high-density, liquid-cooled architecture based on the Nvidia Grace Blackwell Superchip. These systems will support the next-generation ecosystem aiming to provide the foundation for improvements in performance density for enterprise AI workloads.

During a virtual media conference on March 15, hosted by Dell and Nvidia, Varun Chopra, Senior VP for ISG and Telecom Product Marketing at Dell, said, “There is no doubt about the transformative potential of the technologies that AI and associated applications can build for us. But customers are asking for us to help with deploying AI solutions.”

Chopra said that at the top of the list of concerns is a lack of confidence about the accuracy of the results from GenAI applications or AI operations, and knowing which approach can yield trusted results. Enterprises are also realising that a compelling differentiator for their results is the proprietary data that they have within their organisations.

He added the management of data silos and availability of skills to the list of top concerns.

“How do organisations keep up and stitch all these different parts of the stack together? And on one cohesive solution that can work for their enterprise, that is not easy… These are all the challenges that we hear from enterprises as we help them with their journey to scale and accelerate AI,” said Chopra.

Across it all, Dell Professional Services for GenAI expands with support from Nvidia AI and infrastructure experts to help customers integrate, manage, and secure these solutions to achieve business results faster. Dell Implementation Services now include capabilities to deliver Dell’s new RAG solution, model training, and the Dell Data Lakehouse, as well as new Advisory Services for GenAI Data Security that help customers assess and minimise security risks.

Dell AI Factory with Nvidia is available globally through traditional channels and Dell APEX now.