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Dolos eliminates disconnected security with WatchGuard’s unified network capabilities

Johannesburg, 28 Feb 2024
WatchGuard Firebox technology enables XDR functionality.
WatchGuard Firebox technology enables XDR functionality.

In today’s world, a unified security approach is necessary to address the complexities and challenges posed by the constantly evolving threat landscape. A unified approach allows for rapid identification, containment and response to emerging threats. However, many companies still rely on disconnected solutions offered by different vendors, which often lead to isolated security silos.

“Firewalls are foundational to unified security platform architecture, which provides comprehensive security solutions to protect your organisation from a wide range of threats. Combining firewalls with endpoint security and identity solutions can further reduce your attack surface and protect your business,” says Dolos CEO, Dominic Richardson.

Dolos, specialist distributor for WatchGuard Technologies in Africa and the Middle East, recently launched an updated line of WatchGuard Firebox desktop appliances. These enable organisations and MSPs (managed service providers) to protect their customers' locations, remote devices, office equipment and retail point-of-sale software, all while minimising network configuration and management requirements.

Discover more by attending Dolos’ webinar on 6 March, addressing WatchGuard Firebox technology and its integration across product categories, enabling XDR functionality.

WatchGuard Fireboxes are powered by their Unified Security Platform architecture, fast processing and increased memory to deliver unified security protection against the latest network security threats for remote and distributed enterprise environments.

“IT environments of all types and sizes face advanced and sophisticated threats from attackers, but SMEs and branch offices typically don’t have dedicated technical staff to configure, install and manage network security appliances,” says Ryan Poutre, product manager at WatchGuard Technologies. “This new generation of Fireboxes takes full advantage of our Unified Security Platform architecture, enabling MSPs to provide the robust solutions and simplified management they require to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and deployment scenarios.”

WatchGuard’s Firewall range offers a comprehensive set of capabilities:

1. High performance SSL/TLS inspection:

Over 80% of business traffic occurs over encrypted channels and 50% of phishing sites use HTTPS to hide their attacks.

2. Layered zero day malware defences:

Zero-day malware accounts for 64% of all malware threats encountered on the typical business network.

3. Phishing and happy-clicker protection:

Unwitting attempts to connect to known malicious DNS addresses by your users can be automatically blocked, and the user is seamlessly redirected to a safe landing page.

4. Support the latest VPN technology:

All WatchGuard Fireboxes support the latest VPN technologies.

5. Native automation:

Automation has been shown to reduce the hours teams spend on security management by as much as 80%.

6. SD-WAN with zero-touch deployment:

M Series Fireboxes offer integrated SD-WAN capabilities, making network resiliency and optimisation easy.

7. POE+:

Some models integrate POE+. This enables organisations to power peripheral devices such as security cameras, VOIP phones and wireless access points.

8. IntelligentAV:

IntelligentAV leverages a machine-learning engine to better defend against continuously evolving zero-day malware.

Contact Dolos to find out how you can extend your security perimeter to protect your users, devices and data from a single unified platform.

For a comprehensive view of WatchGuard’s Firebox technology, join Dolos on Wednesday, 6 March, at 10am SAST for a live virtual event, where Dolos CTO Matthew Stevens will explore the range of features and capabilities offered by WatchGuard Fireboxes.



Dolos is a specialist value-added distributor of cybersecurity technology delivering solutions into Africa and the Middle East. Formerly known as Panda Security Africa, Dolos is now the master distributor for WatchGuard Technologies in the African region. Partner with Dolos for trusted cybersecurity solutions, service, and support. For more information, visit