Dutch soccer pioneers go for PALMKI palm vein recognition technology

Johannesburg, 13 Jun 2023
Palmki At Work.
Palmki At Work.

Dutch Premier League soccer club Fortuna Sittard has decided to implement the PALMKI palm vein recognition technology for its access control.

Fortuna Sittard soccer club is a founding member of the Dutch Premier League and has a glorious history. Today it is still competing at the highest level in the renowned Dutch Premier League.

The offices in the Fortuna Sittard Stadium in the Netherlands are being equipped with Palmki technology. All entrance doors will be equipped with Palmki readers, giving employees access based on palm vein recognition. Since every person has a unique palm structure, a hand scan functions almost the same as a QR code. The technique is linked to a database in which the scans of the people who have access to a particular office are uploaded. As a result of this development, keys are now history and the offices are protected from uninvited guests.

Fortuna Sittard Managing Director Ivo Pfennings said: "We came into contact with Palmki a few months ago and the concept really appealed. As Fortuna Sittard, we want to keep tapping into new ground when it comes to innovation. The technology that Palmki brings with it fits in seamlessly with this. We were therefore quickly positive about the implementation of the tooling. If everything goes as expected, we will also use Palmki for other applications going forward. But for now, we are very happy with this first step."

Marc Strackx, founder and CEO of Palmki, said: "The collaboration between Fortuna Sittard and Palmki is like a rock-solid line of defence in which security, future and innovation come together. Palmki acts as the shield that protects the club in terms of access control, while we jointly build a safe and successful future. With a focus on innovation, Fortuna Sittard embraces new technologies and strategies, keeping them one step ahead each time. This powerful synergy between Palmki and Fortuna Sittard is the key to an unbeatable team, in which safety and progress go hand in hand."

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