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e4 introduces CommunicationHub: A secure solution for the home-buying process

Johannesburg, 09 Oct 2023
Clive Bredenkamp, IT Executive at e4.
Clive Bredenkamp, IT Executive at e4.

PropTech specialist e4 has announced the launch of CommunicationHub, a digital platform designed to enhance the security of communication within the property transfer process to protect financial institutions, conveyancing attorneys and home buyers.

This latest offering comes as e4 continues to enhance its digital ecosystem within the property sector, leveraging over two decades of industry know-how to streamline the property transfer process to benefit all stakeholders in the home-buying process.

The first phase of CommunicationHub allows conveyancing attorneys to communicate securely with home buyers. In addition to continually setting industry standards, the development of CommunicationHub is in direct response to the need for heightened awareness and focus on the protection of private and sensitive information, particularly as cyber crime through phishing and business e-mail compromise (BEC) continues to rise.

“The safety, security and integrity of information is something e4 has always taken very seriously, which is why we have developed a platform that aims to safeguard sensitive information in the home-buying process. e4 understands the significance of secure communication and has tailored its platform to meet this critical need,” says Clive Bredenkamp, IT Executive at e4.

The need for secure communications between conveyancing attorneys and their clients has become more evident following a number of high-profile cases in which e-mail communications have been compromised by criminals leading to substantial financial losses.

“As a trusted entity handling sensitive data, it is our responsibility to provide a secure environment for our partners. CommunicationHub is a testament to that commitment. This platform is not just an addition to our suite of services; it’s a concrete step towards safeguarding the industry and all stakeholders in the property transfer value chain,” adds Bredenkamp.

  • Capability for attorneys to invite participants, including other attorneys and home buyers, to participate in a communication thread.
  • Secure online registration on the platform for participants.
  • Encrypted sharing of documents and banking details.
  • Archive functionality to safely store communication for the long term.
  • Milestone tracking of the key steps in the property transfer process for all stakeholders.

Bredenkamp says relying on e-mail for sending documents and sharing information can pose substantial risks. “E-mail has become one of the major sources of impersonation fraud in the modern era. With e4’s CommunicationHub, relevant role players involved in a property transaction can enjoy safe and secure communication where sensitive information can be shared with confidence. This is a vital step towards moving the industry forward in a way that benefits everyone.”

He adds that CommunicationHub forms part of e4’s broader vision in providing multiple tailored products for every stakeholder in the property transfer ecosystem and a one-stop shop where all transactions in the home-buying process are secure.

With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, e4 collaborates closely with its strategic partners to develop solutions that address industry challenges.



e4 is a technology company specialising in digitalisation. By understanding the complexity of a digital journey, e4 partners with its clients to provide innovative solutions that suits their unique needs. Using an omni-channel platform approach, e4 offers a range of digitally-inspired services as well as solutions.

Working across financial services, data and the legal sector, e4 understands the intricate requirements in these sectors, and uses its expertise to assist clients in effectively managing their businesses through digitalisation.   

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