eBook: AvePoint’s ultimate Microsoft 365 backup handbook for MSPs

Enhance your customers’ Microsoft 365 data management strategy.

Johannesburg, 26 Jun 2023

It’s no secret we’re living in a rapidly expanding data sphere, where information is usually accessed on laptops instead of inside libraries. In fact, most enterprises aspire to have $8 out of every $10 for IT hosting go towards the cloud by 2024 (McKinsey 2021). 

COVID-19 accelerated this transformation, with more than 64.2 zettabytes of data created or replicated in 2020 alone (IDC 2021). IDC predicts that this number will continue to grow, with the amount of digital data created over the next five years doubling the amount created since the advent of digital storage. As we grapple with how to productively use such vast amounts of data, we also struggle to understand how to best store and protect all that information. With more than 300 million companies actively using Microsoft 365 and businesses managing more than 10 times the amount of data since 2016 (Dell 2021), some customers are left wondering how best to approach backup as part of their content and data management strategy.

Nowadays, most businesses have some method to backup information, whether through native capabilities or third-party vendors. Yet, Dell’s Global Data Protection Index 2021 found 58% of IT decision-makers aren’t very confident that their organisation is meeting its backup and recovery service level objectives.

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