Emerge Queue: 110m queuing tickets printed in the past year

Ticket to success: Emerge Queue prints 110 million queueing tickets over the past year.

Cape Town, 27 May 2019

Emerge Queue, a Qmatic Premier Solution Partner, has announced that it printed a record number of 110 million queuing tickets over the past year.

"From what we've seen, this is a record-breaking number of tickets compared to similar-sized Qmatic partners elsewhere around the globe," says Emerge Queue's Managing Director, Eugene Swanepoel.

Qmatic, which is based in Sweden, is the world leader in queue management solutions and its queuing tickets are an important component of its cutting-edge systems. Emerge Queue has installed Qmatic queuing systems at service areas in a range of industries across South Africa, and its clients include Capitec Bank, the City of Cape Town and Mediclinic.

The Qmatic queuing tickets are one of the first touch-points in a customer's journey (overall experience from interacting with the business online to receiving follow-up service). When customers, citizens or patients arrive, they are issued a ticket, which shows their place in the queue. They can then track where they are in the line and are given an estimated waiting time via the Qmatic system.

Ensuring each customer is issued a ticket that assigns them to a place in the queue and keeping them informed at all times helps enhance efficiency and reduces actual and perceived waiting times.

"What makes us most proud of printing 110 million tickets over the past year is the fact that it shows we're improving the queuing experience for hundreds of thousands of South Africans and making a real difference in enhancing businesses' service efficiency. We look forward to breaking even more records in 2019," says Eugene Swanepoel.

Emerge Queue is the sole provider of Qmatic customer journey solutions in South Africa, as well as neighbouring countries. As a Qmatic Premier Solution Partner, it is the market leader in South Africa. For more information on any of Emerge Queue's products and services, please visit


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