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eSIM travel: How does Voye compare?

Johannesburg, 27 Mar 2024
Every Voye eSIM data plan covers 130 countries.
Every Voye eSIM data plan covers 130 countries.

The world of travel is changing with eSIM technology, making it easier to connect abroad without buying a physical local SIM card or paying extortionate roaming fees. eSIM travel apps offer a hassle-free way to stay connected while travelling, but the experience you get depends a lot on the eSIM app you pick.

Here’s what to look for:

User interface and experience

The first thing you’ll notice about any app is how it looks and feels. A great eSIM app should be straightforward and user-friendly.

It should guide you smoothly from one step to the next, making tasks like installing, activating and managing your eSIM a breeze. If you find yourself getting lost or confused, it might not be the right fit.

Remember, the main idea behind eSIMs is to make life simpler, and the app should reflect that.

Top tip: Installation is tricky, so the eSIM app must support direct install. QR code downloads are only useful when you purchase an eSIM well in advance and have another device (like a laptop) to show the QR code from the e-mail received.

Voye eSIM plans offers 100MB of local data free, so you can install, test and get comfortable with eSIM technology before you travel! And the best part, you only install one eSIM for life, and simply top it up when needed or when you travel next. Avoid burner eSIMs, which you need to download and install each time you travel, potentially juggling country plans on a trip.


If you’re someone who travels or plans to, the app’s coverage becomes vital. It’s not just about having service in many countries, but also about the quality of that service.

The best eSIM apps have partnerships with reliable mobile networks worldwide. This ensures that whether you’re exploring a bustling city or relaxing in a quiet countryside, you remain connected.

Top tip: Coverage and quality are a function of price. Sometimes the cheapest plan can result in a very poor user experience on single or poor quality minor mobile networks. Ensure your eSIM can connect to major multiple networks per country, at a fair price.

Every Voye eSIM data plan covers 130 countries, making transits via the Middle East, EU or wherever plain sailing! Connectivity in all 130 countries is provided on at least two major networks, ensuring you stay connected on the fastest networks.


Everyone wants value for their money. A reliable eSIM app will offer clear pricing, with a range of plans, noting clear validity periods, catering to various needs.

Being transparent about costs means you can budget effectively – Voye understands the hard part might be deciding how much data to purchase!

Top tip: Don’t waste money on voice and SMS bundles. Once you have mobile data, apps like WhatsApp and Teams will ensure you remain in contact, whether for leisure or business. Voye recommends a minimum of 6GB for a week.

Even though every Voye eSIM plan covers 130 countries, including 12 key African destinations, our plans are cheaper than our competitors' EU regional plans (which typically only cover 39 countries, leaving you stranded on your way there).

Customer support

Even with the best apps, you might run into issues or have questions. That’s where customer support comes in.

An excellent eSIM app will have a dedicated team ready to assist, whether through chat, e-mail or a direct phone call. Quick and helpful responses can make a world of difference, especially if you’re facing connectivity issues.

Top tip: Travel is timeless and needs 24-hour support. Beware of white-labelled eSIM services that only offer home country support. Rather ensure the eSIM app offers exceptional support (both digital and human), 24x7, in multiple languages, and integrates nicely into apps like WhatsApp.

Voye: Peace of mind is critical, and we believe our 100MB of free local data before you leave, and automatic activation when you arrive, go a long way to ensuring you get useful support before you travel and when you arrive. Smart.


In our digital age, security is a top concern. The eSIM app will handle sensitive details like your personal data and payment information. It’s crucial to choose an app that uses the latest security measures to keep this data safe from any threats, but also supports key payment platforms like PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.

Remember, an eSIM offers the same built-in security as normal SIM cards, and will always be safer than using public WiFi, so make sure you do your banking (or any other transaction that requires secure credentials) via your eSIM connection.

eSIM is the way all travellers will connect, so, armed with this information, choose an eSIM that ensures ease of installation and use, flawless connectivity for your whole journey, and keep you in control of your usage and costs.

Bon voyage from Voye!



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