eSIM travels to Rugby World Cup

Johannesburg, 13 Sep 2023
eSIM scores a try in France.
eSIM scores a try in France.

There is no need to wait to land abroad and search to buy a local SIM… rather download our eSIM and arrive connected!

With enough data and near local rates, we make it easy to let friends and family know you’ve arrived safely in France or find your hotel with Google Maps and Uber. Rather buy a local cold beer and head out to the game! We are a proudly South African company and have been enabling eSIM travellers since 2019.

Juniper Research’s latest research indicates electronic SIM (eSIM) usage will increase globally from R80 billion to R280 billion (2023-2027). Active eSIMs will increase from 986 million to 3.5 billion, hence saving substantially on e-waste generated by once-off SIM usage typically associated with travel.

Our eSIMs are easily purchased via our online store here; 3GB, 5GB and 10GB data bundles are all valid for 30 days. We offer immediate access to the internet with flexible and cost-effective data plans for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops).

We make eSIM use simple by only having two zones – one plan that covers UK+EU (35 countries) and another that includes another 35 countries (70 in total), including most transit points like Dubai, Qatar and further business destinations like USA, China and Australia.

Juniper also indicates manufacturers such as Apple, Google and Samsung will develop more devices without a SIM tray for a physical SIM card, and exclusively use an eSIM instead. For now, the list of devices supported by execMobile is shown below.

(Don’t despair if your device is not eSIM compatible, we have standard tri-cut sim cards for other devices too. See you in France!)

Devices supported by execMobile.
Devices supported by execMobile.