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execMobile launches GSMA Root Discovery Service for seamless eSIM provisioning, activation

Johannesburg, 22 Oct 2020

execMobile, South Africa’s leading alternative global mobile data provider, is proud to announce its GSMA Root Discovery service for eSIM provisioning and activation, allowing instant connectivity, irrespective of where in the world the device might be.

Since we brought eSIM profile technology to SA in September 2019, execMobile has seen great uptake from existing customers and IOT vendors. Notably, our reliable connectivity, which offers single SIM/eSIM profile connectivity across multiple networks (Vodacom and MTN in SA), was needed for work from home and IOT bootstrap applications.

Industry standard for remote eSIM provisioning

South African mobile operators that have launched eSIM have limited this to wearables for fear of allowing consumers to easily switch networks whenever they want. This, on the other hand, is our mission – to drive down costs and increase reliable network connectivity by automatically selecting the best network offered by the eSIM profile.

eSIM, the SIM for the next generation of connected devices, is rapidly evolving. The GSMA has set standards for how a profile may be downloaded to any eSIM device, with strict criterion to enable remote SIM provisioning of any mobile device.

The QR code activation method is widely used for most eSIM-enabled consumer devices; however, a key challenge is deploying at scale. Although provisioning is done remotely, each step in the process is manual – from receiving a link from your service provider, then receiving and using OTP verification, then only scanning the QR code, and then setting up the profile on the phone.

execMobile’s new Root Discovery Service

Our global technology partner Webbing has developed software to automate provisioning and other backend systems for devices with eSIM. With the GSMA certified Root Discovery service, provisioning of an execMobile global eSIM profile has never been easier, across hundreds of devices.

“We are constantly asking how we can help organisations achieve more with less effort, and enable them to do what was previously unthinkable,” says Jody Carollissen, General Manager at execMobile.

Most devices are identified by their IMEI. Similarly, the embedded SIM card soldered onto the hardware has a unique identifier known as an EID. Once the customer has shared the EID number with execMobile, an eSIM profile can be pushed to the eSIM-enabled device. It only requires the user to accept the notification to instantly have global Internet connectivity, eliminating the cumbersome QR code activation process above.

“For corporates wanting to deploy eSIM profiles to a large number of staff, all we require is the EID numbers to be sent to us on an Excel spreadsheet. It’s as simple as uploading the spreadsheet to our connectivity management platform,” continues Carollissen.

Consumer plans

execMobile currently services corporate South Africa, but plans to offer a prepaid solution for consumers shortly. Once borders for leisure travel have opened, execMobile will extend its eSIM (or plastic SIMs) to consumers. The goal is to make data plans simple, with customers having access to 1GB, 3GB and 5GB zonal bundles, covering 191 countries, including SA.

Purchases will be done via an app or our online store. Consumers will enter their contact details and, on entering the EID of their eSIM-enabled device, an eSIM profile will be sent instantly for travelling in various regions.



execMobile was founded in 2010 and has received various accolades and commendations from analysts and customers. Its products have also won various awards, including being named on the “Top 20 African Innovation” list.

Visit execMobile’s website to learn more, contact them at (+27) 011 575 4137 or via email.

Editorial contacts

Jody Carollissen
General Manager - execMobile