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execMobile mobile connectivity for business, but most importantly for loved ones

Johannesburg, 25 Jun 2020

execMobile, South Africa’s leading alternative global mobile data provider, has been providing its corporate customers with seamless connectivity in 191 countries (43 in Africa, including SA) for more than 10 years. With many customers stranded, delivery of our mobile data services and support has been uninterrupted. For execMobile, it was business as usual.

With COVID-19 disease having spread rapidly and widely, governments globally took measures to prevent the situation from becoming worse. As the disease became pandemic, travel restrictions in almost every country were tightened or completely suspended, which led to a high number of cancelled flights and travellers left stranded abroad with no way to return home.

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Keeping customers connected abroad

Multinational, large, medium and small organisations are among the list of customers execMobile provides with managed mobile data. Whether it’s the operations director from the world’s leading beverage company booking an Airbnb in New York, a finance executive required to browse safe and securely in UAE or the CEO from a leading automobile manufacturer connecting and working from the comfort of their home in SA, execMobile has enabled these journeys and communication with their families.

Jody Carollisen, General Manager at execMobile, explains: “Our solutions are built to address business challenges of staying connected in a cost-efficient manner, irrespective of where in the world our customers might be. Our SIM connects in SA and globally. We’ve ticked all the boxes to ensure that our customers can communicate for business purposes, but during this time, businesses were facing uncertainties of an unplanned extended stay. Having the ability to keep in contact with their loved ones back in SA was extremely rewarding for execMobile, specifically when clients called to tell us their stories”.

Addressing challenges of connecting with eSIM

execMobile knows far too well the encounters of reliable connectivity when abroad: From high rates when using your local SIM for roaming, to free and unsafe café or hotel WiFi, to obtaining a local SIM as a visitor. Although local SIMs remain the cheapest option, familiar challenges are usually a RICA type activation, not forgetting language barriers for setting up or having to wait two to 24 hours for activation.

When news of travel bans and flight cancellations in a foreign country is announced, travellers want to communicate with work, but more importantly, with family and friends. From previous interactions with customers, execMobile was able to prevent panic and assure users costs were being managed, and connectivity was assured.

Since inception, execMobile has provided customers with a physical SIM or PocketWifi. With eSIM, “digital SIMs” can be deployed remotely to any users’ eSIM enabled device via a simple QR code emailed to the user. The latest iOS and Android phones support multiple SIM profiles, meaning that users can operate as usual on their local network using a traditional SIM, but switch their data profile to execMobile’s roaming eSIM profile when travelling to access low rates in 191 countries, whilst still receiving calls and texts via their home SIM.

“Organizations’ staff are the heart of their businesses and in all our customer engagements, they believe it is key for them to stay connected when abroad, at affordable rates. When developing or improving our technology, the human experience is what matters most. With our eSIM, we have ensured our mobile data solutions can be deployed remotely to ensure safe, reliable and cost-efficient mobile internet”, continued Carollissen. “With our consultative approach we have guided customers through rapid, seamless implementations during these testing times”.

execMobile was founded in 2010 and has received various accolades and commendations from analysts and customers. Its products have also won various awards, including being named on the “Top 20 African Fintech Innovation” list.

To learn more of execMobile’s corporate offerings, for both local and global data, visit their website, contact via email or call (011) 575 4137.


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Jody Carollissen
General Manager - execMobile