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execMobile: research shows global travel eSIM market will be worth $10bn in 2028

Johannesburg, 13 Oct 2023
Kaleido Intelligence research.
Kaleido Intelligence research.

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and a global shift towards increased connectivity, the travel industry stands on the brink of a transformative evolution. Largely driven by the emergence of eSIM for travel.

At execMobile, we have been provisioning eSIMs to our customers since 2019! With market-leading technology, we offer simple, seamless deployments to corporate or leisure travellers, IOT solution providers and, more recently, channel partners.

A recent study conducted by Kaleido Intelligence found that the travel SIM market is experiencing a shift towards eSIMs, which offer convenience and flexibility for travellers by allowing them to switch between mobile operators without physically swapping SIM cards.

Roaming remains popular for cellular connectivity, alongside travel SIMs, WiFi and non-usage. While leisure travellers often use travel SIMs and alternative roaming services, business travellers rely heavily on roaming as their default connectivity method, with over 50% utilising standard roaming from their typical providers. This comes at great cost to companies, and hence it's no surprise that lower cost is the main driver for choosing travel eSIM alternatives to roaming.

Kaleido’s survey shows a promising path ahead for travel eSIM providers:

  • Five hundred percent growth in spend – Travel eSIM retail spend predicted to rise 500% between 2023 and 2028, as leisure and business travellers embrace cheaper eSIM travel plans.
  • $10 billion in retail spend – The global travel eSIM market will be worth close to $10 billion in 2028, accounting for over 80% of total travel SIM spend by then.
  • $30 billion travel market – Retail spend on travel connectivity services, including roaming packages and travel SIMs, to be worth over $30 billion by 2028.
  • Key travel markets – Three-digit percentage increase in travel eSIM plan adoption observed in Asia-Pacific (early adopters) 2021 to 2023. India, Brazil, China, Australia and UAE.

At execMobile, we share the strong belief in the potential of eSIM technology within the sector. As eSIM continues its expansion in the travel industry, it becomes increasingly important for companies to take advantage of this opportunity, offering enhanced eSIM connectivity solutions to enrich their customers’ experiences.

By embracing eSIM, leisure and business travellers, travel companies and IOT providers can future-proof their services, positioning themselves at the forefront of an increasingly interconnected world.