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Gauteng legislature petitions go online

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 26 Mar 2024
Gauteng residents will be informed about the e-Petitions system and how to collaborate with their elected representatives.
Gauteng residents will be informed about the e-Petitions system and how to collaborate with their elected representatives.

The Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL) has turned to technology to enable seamless petitions from the public, launching an e-Petitions system.

A petition is a written request or complaint made by a member or members of the public to the GPL on policy or service delivery matters that relate to the departments or department entities and the municipalities in Gauteng.

The Petitions Standing Committee (PSC) is responsible for considering all admissible petitions lodged with the GPL.

In a statement, the provincial legislature says Gauteng citizens can now submit valid petitions online.

The initiative for the online portal is a collaborative effort between the GPL, Gauteng Provincial Government departments, municipalities and other key stakeholders, it notes.

It aims to streamline the petitions management process, allowing for efficient monitoring and tracking of interventions to ensure timely resolution of all petitions.

Advocate Ezra Letsoalo, chairperson of the PSC, says petitioning is a vital avenue for addressing citizens' concerns, particularly for those who lack alternative channels for seeking redress.

“By providing a constructive outlet for grievances, petitions help prevent the destructive recourse to infrastructure vandalism seen during service delivery protests, ultimately fostering progress and development in the province,” says Letsoalo.

“Additionally, petitioning reinforces and enriches the GPL's oversight agenda.”

Once registered, petitioners can monitor the progress of their petitions online, from submission to resolution, according to the GPL.

“This fosters transparency and accountability, which are essential for building public trust and value in the governance process. Petitioning is a constitutional right, and the majority of petitions received address unmet constitutional rights, including access to basic services, housing and healthcare.

“The online system provides a convenient platform for citizens to engage with their government. This not only enhances democracy but also allows for broader participation from all corners of Gauteng.”

The GPL reveals that initiatives are under way to inform residents about the e-Petitions system and how they can collaborate with their elected representatives in the legislature to effectively hold government accountable.