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Google Meet hosts live team meeting with 237 employees in a live session

237 employees | nine African provinces | one Google Meet

Johannesburg, 01 Jun 2020


COVID-19 presented many challenges to retailers and businesses. How do you enable a large business to work from home and set it up overnight?“ Pepkor and its businesses have benefited greatly from their decision earlier this year to migrate to G-Suite,” said Michael Yolland. Not only was every single employee of Pep Stores, Pepkor and The Speciality Group able to work from home, from any device of their choosing, with access to all their documents and files, but all meetings, merchandise reviews and budget approvals could continue without pause. The big challenge came when the business wanted to do its regular monthly information session to the entire IT company of more than 200.

Fact sheet
Solution: Google Meet
Industry: Retail
Provider: Google Meet
User: Pepkor


Google Meet provided us with a reliable and secure video conferencing solution that could also record the session. Due to the screen share feature, we could present the slide decks while still seeing the presenter. The Chat feature allowed two way communication with the CIO and he could answer questions on the go, as well as the ability to share links to documents. The integration of Google Meet with Google Calendar allowed us to invite all the participants with ease.


We received an overwhelming response of positive feedback that this was one of the best information sessions, as they felt more at ease with the options of muting or switching off their camera. We had the highest level of participation than ever before. It was as if everyone had a “front row seat”, as they felt more comfortable commenting and engaging in the Chat area. Company employees could follow, see and hear the full presentation within a secure Google Meet video experience.

Employees who usually could not attend these sessions due to travel distance and remote locations, could watch the presentation and engage with fellow colleagues from any device. This helps to keep our teams connected and promote collaboration as we are working together across Africa. An added benefit is that there is no filming costs, as you are able to record the sessions via Google Meet.


“People could see and hear even better than in the office; using Chat inside Meet, anyone could easily interact, ask questions or indicate a need to present content. Worked absolutely perfectly!” said CIO, Gabrie Gouws.

- “I really like that staff from other regions can now be part of the sessions!”

- “Participating in an official company meeting from within the comfort of my own home.”


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