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Holistic communications encompasses VOIP, cellular, data, PABX

One service provider, one port of call, one solutions provider is all a business should be utilising with regards to its communications requirements. This will ensure smooth service delivery and eliminate the blame game.

Cape Town, 12 Nov 2014

Companies today are dealing with multiple service providers with regards to communications, yet communication is one aspect of a business and shouldn't be pieced out among various service providers. When something does go wrong, the result will inevitably be one service provider blaming the other.

Currently, companies will have one or many service providers managing their cellular contracts, one service provider managing their PABX, one service provider managing their Internet services, one service provider managing their VOIP solution and possibly one service provider managing their normal telephone lines.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." ? Mahatma Gandhi.

This will ultimately result in a huge amount of frustration for these businesses as they have to deal with different service providers for different solutions. In addition, when something does go wrong, inevitably what will happen is one service provider will blame the next. The PABX provider will blame the VOIP provider, the VOIP provider will blame the ISP, the ISP will blame the supplier of the lines, and so on. What companies need today is an effective, holistic, one-port-of-call service provider.

"We have been in this industry for many years now and we have seen this happen time and time again," says Dominic Sardinha of Abacus Telecomm. "The end result is an enormous amount of frustration and, ultimately, exasperation. By dealing with customers in all aspects of their communications, we are able to offer an unrivalled service level and efficient resolution to queries and potential issues."

When a business has one service provider managing all its communication requirements, that business is able to get on with what is important ? running its business. Should anything go wrong, or should an upgrade be needed or should the client require some level of servicing, they only need to contact one company to obtain a resolution.

Abacus Telecomm is able to offer the proverbial one-stop shop for all of its clients' communication requirements. This effectively eliminates various service providers blaming each other in an attempt to avoid responsibility. "This results in quicker turnaround times to problem resolution, and, ultimately, much happier customers," says Sardinha.

"Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves." ? Steve Jobs, Apple.


Abacus Telecomm

Abacus Telecomm started in 2003, focusing specifically on least-cost routing. Since then we have evolved in to an holistic communications service provider and are now able to offer cellular contracts, 3G and 4G DATA, ADSL, fibre, IP PABX, VOIP and number portability ? all under one roof, thus providing its clients with an exceptional level of service and efficient problem resolution.

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