HOSTAFRICA expands into Africa

Host Africa, trading as HOSTAFRICA, has established a footprint in Ghana.

Johannesburg, 17 Jul 2023

HOSTAFRICA, the top-rated hosting company in South Africa, continues its growth into the rest of Africa as Ghana becomes the next African country to be assimilated into their fold.

Following the success of the expansion into Kenya and continued development within South Africa, the snowballing hosting company has launched into Ghana. Customers operating out of the West African country can expect world-class hosting services and country-specific support.

Just over 60% of the population is online. That amounts to roughly 18 million people.

Some stats relating to Ghana’s internet and telecommunications:

  • The average download and upload speed is 32mb and 21mb respectively;
  • A monthly cellphone contract costs approximately R160 or GH₵‎99; and
  • 4G was a recent implementation, with 5G still widely unavailable.

Naturally, these stats present a unique challenge for the hosting market. HOSTAFRICA’s target will be to revitalise the hosting industry within the country.

Hosting Africa, one country at a time

Since acquiring Domain King in 2021 and entering the Nigerian market, HOSTAFRICA has had an insatiable hunger to assimilate every African country under its banners. The ever-growing hosting provider has continued to expand locally as well. Acquiring South African companies while upgrading data centre facilities are taken in stride.

The increased acquisitions, product development and company growth into unchartered hosting territories set the tone for the foreseeable future. Consistent progress has given way to not only major accomplishments, but also minor victories with big impacts.

One such example is the country-specific websites suited for the customer’s location. Ghanaian customers can access the HOSTAFRICA homepage using the country’s TLD.

This is the case for Ghanaians and other African countries where HOSTAFRICA has established itself. Customers not operating in Nigeria, Kenya or Ghana can access the HOSTAFRICA home page via a .com TLD.

List of international HOSTAFRICA domains:

Michael Osterloh, Managing Director of HOSTAFRICA, looks back on how far they’ve come.

“What started off as a small hosting company is steadily becoming a force to be reckoned with in Africa.

"Yes, we’ve only specifically entered four countries so far, but at the rate we’re going, I have full faith that we’ll eventually make hosting available to anyone with an internet connection in Africa. And not simply to provide a hosting service, but to uplift the continent as a whole and level the playing field.”

With the intention set towards an empowered and connected Africa, HOSTAFRICA readies itself for its next venture.

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