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HOSTAFRICA launches all-inclusive managed colocation service

Johannesburg, 24 Oct 2023
HOSTAFRICA unveils new colocation service.
HOSTAFRICA unveils new colocation service.

Host Africa, trading as HOSTAFRICA, has launched an advanced managed colocation service, effective October 2023.

This exciting hosting addition to the HOSTAFRICA stable offers an all-inclusive, fully managed solution for your server hosting needs.

Managed colocation re-establishes HOSTAFRICA as a top hosting provider capable of housing data that requires strict security adherence, the company says. The introduction of this new service reassures companies and institutions needing tier three data centres that their data is housed in the most secure facility and on their own infrastructure.

HOSTAFRICA has consistently expanded and ventured into new territories over the last 18 months. Managed colocation serves as a firm reminder that despite the aggressive growth outward, HOSTAFRICA remains focused on the needs of existing clients and territories as well, not compromising on the high standards it rigorously upholds.

With managed colocation, those standards are lifted higher as adherence to tier three data centre regulations are paramount to the success of the service. These regulations include, but are not limited to, redundant systems, concurrent maintainability, fault tolerance, top-tier security, advanced fire suppression system and over 99.982% uptime availability.

Alongside the strict tier three data centre protocols, managed colocation servers are equipped with an intelligent air conditioning system based on the hot/cold aisle configuration. This maintains optimal conditions and works in tandem with advanced sensors that continuously monitor temperatures.

Finally, to reiterate the commitment HOSTAFRICA has to quality assurance, remote hands and rack assistance are available for any client looking to inspect or attend a guided tour of their server. A skilled technician will be in attendance to make certain protocols are respected and is also capable of performing a range of essential tasks.

All this is to ensure secure hosting for your critical infrastructure.

The list of perks and features below indicates some of the key features that make up managed colocation:

  • Bandwidth included.
  • Power included.
  • ISO 27001 compliant.
  • DDOS mitigation.
  • Remote hands and rack assist service.
  • 24-hour set-up.

This new addition also offers some quality-of-life perks, including rack-per-rack purchasing, month-to-month pricing, attended biometric access and a sturdy Juniper backbone.

HOSTAFRICA Managing Director Michael Osterloh reflects on the journey the company has taken to reach its first tier three data centre.

“We’ve come a long way since our start as a small company years ago. Part of me felt like this point was just a faraway dream, but now here we are, offering tier three data centre products we can be proud of.

"Knowing that we reached this point tells me we can go much further and offer our clients even more. With the skilled team I have behind me, our next milestone is only a matter of when, not if.”

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