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How to shift towards user self-care as an ISP

Johannesburg, 16 Jun 2023
Self-care for users has many advantages.
Self-care for users has many advantages.

In recent years, the ISP industry has experienced substantial changes, particularly in the direction of providing users with self-care capabilities. In the past, customers were dependent on support agents for tasks such as resolving connection problems, modifying service plans or updating personal details. However, the focus on customer-centricity and the desire for more efficient operations has resulted in a growing demand for self-service portals that empower customers to handle these tasks on their own.

Self-care for users has numerous advantages. It offers customers more convenience and authority over their internet usage, while also providing ISPs with lower support expenses, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved operational effectiveness. Due to the recognition of these benefits, ISPs are increasingly implementing self-care solutions to cater to the changing demands of their customers.

Benefits of using Splynx customer portal

The Splynx customer portal is a valuable resource for streamlining the enrolment process and providing self-care options for subscribers. It is designed with a user-friendly interface that offers a comprehensive view of their account, such as their service plan, billing details and connected devices. This enables customers to have a better understanding of their services and allows them to easily manage their account by accessing, pausing or ordering new services through the portal. This ultimately improves their ability to self-manage their account.

The customer portal provides a smooth and adaptable interface on different devices, such as smartphones, computers and tablets. Moreover, all newly registered customers are provided with a fast and simple walkthrough of the key features of their portal, enabling them to quickly begin using it and minimising the need for support requests.

The management of self-service is depicted in the image below.

One of the key advantages of the Splynx customer portal is its customisability. ISPs can tailor the portal’s widgets to align with their brand identity, fostering a consistent and branded user experience. Additionally, the portal integrates smoothly with the billing and network management system, drastically reducing the development time and enabling a unified platform for all customer interactions. You can also read an article on our website for a more detailed overview of the customer portal.

TR-069 ACS benefits and self-service options

In conjunction with the customer portal, ISPs can leverage the power of TR-069 ACS to offer an even greater array of self-service options to their customers. One of the primary advantages of the TR-069 ACS integration is the ability for customers to reboot their devices or change their WiFi SSID and password directly from their portal account. This functionality saves time and resources for ISPs by eliminating the need for support tickets or manual interactions.

Furthermore, empowering customers with self-service options fosters a sense of satisfaction and control over their internet connection. According to research conducted by McKinsey, when customer satisfaction increases by 10 percentage points, companies can expect revenue growth of approximately 2% to 3%. With that said, the implementation of self-service options can bring extra resources that are needed for local ISPs to boost their competitive edge against big telcos in the game of connectivity.