InfoTech partners with AU10TIX to securely, rapidly verify bankers' identities

AU10TIX’s identity verification (IDV) solutions will now be supported locally through a certified distribution partner agreement with the multi-disciplinary IT company InfoTech.

Johannesburg, 28 Feb 2023

The partnership is AU10TIX’s first in the local market. It will bring the solution’s industry-leading know-your-customer (KYC) and fraud prevention capabilities to organisations in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

InfoTech CEO Mauritz du Toit says the addition of AU10TIX to InfoTech’s solutions portfolio aligns with the company’s growth strategy and addresses a growing need for advanced, automated solutions to support fraud prevention, risk management and POPIA compliance.

“Southern African banks, financial service providers, retailers and even organisations that must verify the identity of teams on-site are becoming bogged down by manual identity verification processes. These processes can be time-consuming and error-prone. The fewer manual processes involved, the more secure the entire environment, so we are seeing growing demand for a solution such as AU10TIX in the market,” he says. “The fact that it can be hosted on InfoTech’s cloud is an important benefit and expands our growing cloud portfolio.”

Gil Klein, EMEA Sales Director at AU10TIX, explains that the solution is built to optimise the user experience. Simple optimisation of process flows and logic enables fast, accurate customer onboarding in 90 seconds or less.

“Today’s challenge for banks, fintechs and other organisations is to confirm the identity of an applicant joining any digital service, for example, when opening a bank account, joining a payment platform or ordering an e-hailing ride. It can also be deployed to secure high-risk transactions or support customer database cleaning. AU10TIX verifies the customer’s identity by running tests and checks on the authenticity of their identity documents and customer selfie and confirms whether the application is authentic within four to eight seconds,” he says.

“The process is 100% automated and utilises digital forensics to address 'invisible' fraud risks, such as deep fakes and synthetic IDs. An additional built-to-suit service we provide is to verify applicants against Home Affairs databases with our electronic data verification service. We offer the most comprehensive risk output with the right balance of speed and accuracy.”

Klein notes that leading brands like Google, PayPal, PAYU, LinkedIn, and Uber use AU10TIX for fraud prevention, AML and KYC compliance that is instantly scalable, with zero human intervention.

He adds that the solution is highly user-friendly for end customers and requires minimal training for admins. “Once the system is set up, it’s fully automated. Another major benefit is that our dedicated customer success managers regularly engage with customers to help them get the best out of the solution. With analytics and advanced reporting included, customers get a clear view of traffic, volumes and processing times. The analytics outcomes also help customers optimise their onboarding processes and conversion rates,” Klein says.

To arrange an AU10TIX demo, contact InfoTech at or phone (+27) 12 483 8600 



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AU10TIX, a global identity intelligence leader headquartered in Israel, is on a mission to obliterate fraud and further a more secure and inclusive world. The company provides critical, modular solutions to verify and link physical and digital identities so businesses and their customers can confidently connect. Over the past decade, AU10TIX has become the preferred partner of major global brands for customer onboarding and customer verification automation – and continues to work on the edge of what's next for identity's role in society. AU10TIX's proprietary technology provides results in less than 8 seconds, enabling businesses to onboard customers faster while preventing fraud, meeting compliance mandates and, importantly, promoting trust and safety. AU10TIX is a subsidiary of ICTS International N.V. (OTCQB: ICTSF). For more information, visit