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Introducing Voye – prepaid eSIM roaming across 130 countries

Johannesburg, 07 Feb 2024
Voye is a prepaid eSIM roaming data service.
Voye is a prepaid eSIM roaming data service.

execMobile is excited to announce the launch of Voye, a cutting-edge prepaid eSIM roaming data service that transforms the way travellers experience connectivity worldwide.

Wherever your voyage takes you, Voye will keep you connected, as it offers prepaid eSIM roaming across 130 countries.

Click here to sign up for Voye now.

No matter if you’re a frequent business traveller or an adventure seeker exploring the far corners of the globe, Voye ensures you stay connected from the moment you arrive – even if you travel to multiple countries in a single journey.

Why you should use Voye

Voye is positioned to take the international eSIM roaming market by storm thanks to how simple and affordable it is to use.

It boasts a wide range of great features that set it apart from many of its competitors, including:

  • Single eSIM with global coverage

Our eSIM offers exceptional coverage in 130 countries via a re-usable, single-instance installation.

  • Multiple carriers per country

By having more choice, you always get access to best-in-class connectivity.

  • 100MB local data free

Get familiar with the Voye eSIM technology by testing it in South Africa before your travels.

  • Prepaid convenience

Say goodbye to expensive roaming bills or hidden charges.

Instead, simply pay local rates using Voye’s prepaid model that has been designed to deliver total cost predictability.

  • eSIM technology

Voye leverages the latest eSIM technology to provide complete functionality within a single eSIM.

This eliminates the need for additional physical SIM cards or eSIMs.

  • Flexible plans

Travel in all major tourist and business destinations with the same plan – simply choose how much data you need and for how long.

  • Best value

Our regional rates are cheaper than our competitors – ensuring you have more spending money on your travels.

  • Instant activation

Enjoy the convenience of instant activation on arrival at your destination.


Check if your device is compatible from this list, or contact our customer team at

Then download the Voye app on the the iOS and Android app stores, or the dedicated website, and activate Voye immediately.

Save even more money on global plans by using the EXECMOBILE5 promo code.

It’s a great day to adventure with Voye – pick a plan below and sign up today.

Pick a plan and sign up today.
Pick a plan and sign up today.



execMobile is a leading provider of mobile connectivity solutions, catering to the evolving needs of global travelers. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, execMobile continues to redefine the mobile experience for users worldwide.


Voye is a prepaid eSIM roaming service designed to provide seamless global connectivity for travelers. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface, Voye offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for staying connected across borders. Voye offers multi-carrier coverage in country that ensures the best-in-class connectivity, and our support is exceptional - digital and human, so you’re never alone!