IP PBX hacking can cripple your business

Johannesburg, 24 Jul 2015

Unsuspecting VOIP customers are often surprised when they receive outrageous phone bills, especially when their telephone service providers do not explain the risks of toll fraud (PBX hacking). International fraudsters are constantly hijacking telephone systems and using them to place calls to premium charge-by-the-minute numbers.

SIP trunking is a VOIP service that allows service providers to deliver telephone services to customers equipped with SIP-based IP-PBX. Without the correct preventative measures, SIP trunking often results in huge unforeseen costs that can cripple a small to medium-size organisation when their IP-PBX or SIP trunk is hacked.

Euphoria Telecom CEO George Golding says a free SIP trunk doesn't necessarily mean cost savings. "Most local VOIP service providers don't have sophisticated fraud prevention systems in place to prevent hackers from running up charges if a PABX is hacked and they also don't take liability for the fraudulent charges."

Businesses often use local service providers that normally lack such anti-fraud systems, leaving customers to foot the bill. The law is also not much help, because no regulations require carriers or service providers to reimburse customers for fraudulent activity.

"If your VOIP provider doesn't offer control mechanisms to dramatically reduce or prevent fraudulent use of your SIP account, you may want to look into using a different provider," says Golding.

Euphoria has introduced a level of security on their SIP trunk and Cloud PBX services to dramatically reduce, and in many cases, even remove the risks associated with toll fraud. Its VOIP-based Cloud PBX phone system and SIP trunks can easily be configured to restrict international calls on a granular level.

It can restrict specific extensions on its Cloud PBX and also restrict calls to specific countries on a per extension and SIP account basis. Specific extensions can be programmed to allow or prohibit international calls to specific countries.

This way one can allow specific international countries to be called on those extensions, users that require it, but still block all the high risk toll fraud countries and secure one's PBX - even in the event where one's account is compromised.

"Euphoria Telecom offers its customers full control and reporting over their telephone system, an easy-to-use web interface allows them to configure the system to their specific requirement. These features provide customers peace of mind when using our services," he concludes.

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Euphoria Telecom (

Euphoria Telecom is a provider of proprietary Cloud PBX communication services for businesses in South Africa. The business was formed in 2010, after years of research and development towards a cloud-based PBX system that could effectively reduce overall costs significantly by doing away with expensive installation, training and support costs.

After three years of impressive growth, Euphoria Telecom offers a complete business communication solution that combines the characteristics of sophisticated PBX and call centre solutions with the ease and cost efficiency of cloud-based technology.

Euphoria Telecom is incorporated in South Africa with the corporate head office situated in Cape Town, South Africa. The company is owned 100% by the current management team, and the business is headed up by George Golding, Conrad de Wet and Rafal Janik.

The business has built up an impressive customer base approaching 1000 business customers.

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