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ISSC Group reveals new logo aligned with cutting-edge cloud solutions

Johannesburg, 15 Feb 2024
The company's new logo.
The company's new logo.

ISSC Group, a progressive cloud solutions company and esteemed Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, today unveiled a new logo that symbolises its commitment to delivering comprehensive, modern cloud services. This fresh branding heralds a new era for ISSC Group as it continues to facilitate seamless digital transformations for businesses through Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Enterprise Voice services.

“Our new emblem represents our promise to remain at the forefront of cloud innovation,” stated Emil Henrico, CEO of ISSC Group. “As we aid organisations in navigating their journey to the cloud, our identity needed to reflect the clarity, efficiency and forward momentum that we bring to every project. This logo is more than a symbol – it’s a commitment to our clients that we will continue to simplify the complex, manage costs effectively and empower their business with the most progressive solutions available.”

The updated logo features a modern, minimalist design, showcasing the initials ‘iSSC’ in a bold, sans-serif typeface with ‘GROUP’ subtly positioned underneath. This new design speaks to the company’s ability to lift and shift current environments to the cloud, modernise them and ensure robust backup, disaster recovery and site recovery strategies.

Beyond infrastructure, ISSC Group excels in integrating Microsoft 365 into business operations, streamlining communication through Teams, enhancing mobility with Intune and MDM, and ensuring data accessibility with OneDrive. The company's expertise extends to crafting Enterprise Voice solutions that enable work from anywhere, complete with sophisticated management systems, virtual receptionist capabilities and cost-saving measures.

“As a new commerce experience advocate, we aim to reduce complexity in the digital sphere,” Henrico adds. “Our logo is a visual pledge to our current and future clients that their journey to the cloud will be as straightforward and effective as the lines that form our new identity.”

The deployment of the new logo will be gradual, reflecting ISSC Group’s strategic approach to ensuring continuity and consistency across all client touch points.

ISSC Group is excited to engage with clients old and new under this renewed brand identity, underscoring their dedication to providing the best possible cloud service solutions. For a detailed overview of how ISSC’s services can benefit your business, get in touch with the company's dedicated team today.


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