Journey to a smarter future: Harnessing power of AIOps with Blue Turtle, BMC Helix

By Francois Seegers, Product Manager for BMC AIOps at Blue Turtle.

Johannesburg, 12 Oct 2023
Let AIOps be your compass.
Let AIOps be your compass.

In an era where data is the new currency, enterprises globally are wrestling with the colossal wave of digital transformation, manoeuvring through the intricate maze of evolving business models, skyrocketing customer expectations and the relentless data surge. Amid this turmoil, IT operations find themselves at the fulcrum of organisational change, shouldering the responsibility of keeping the lights on and fostering innovation and agility.

Imagine being at the helm of an organisation steering through the muddied waters of digital transformation. Each day, the IT operations team is inundated with a deluge of data, struggling to sift through the noise and zero in on critical insights that could be the information they seek, the operational efficiency they need or the superior customer experience demanded. The age-old methods of IT operations are found wanting, unable to keep up with the sheer volume and velocity of data generated in the modern digital ecosystem. Enter artificial intelligence for IT operations, or AIOps, the harbinger of a new dawn in IT operations management.

Genesis of transformation: A tale of a visionary enterprise

Let's traverse the journey of a visionary enterprise; it needs to navigate through a sea of data and complex IT ecosystems. But to embark on a digital transformation journey, this business recognises the need to revamp its IT operations – to be faster, smarter and more proactive. The key to this transformation lies in AIOps, where systems help with data analysis, allowing the human intellect to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.

At Blue Turtle, we are helping clients redefine the process by integrating the power of AIOps and ChatGPT with BMC Helix Operations Management. The benefits are seen in improved IT processes with the delivery of data-driven insights, improving response times and fostering a seamless customer experience, thereby solidifying IT's role as the strategic nerve centre of the business.

Powering digital transformation: AIOps as your compass

The four critical challenges that AIOps meets head-on are:

Breaking down data silos – AIOps facilitates the seamless integration of data from various sources, converting them into actionable insights through analytics and machine learning algorithms.

Eliminating IT operational noise – Through noise reduction techniques, AIOps filters out the distractions and pinpoints the critical issues, reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR) and operational costs.

Delivering seamless customer experiences – Leveraging predictive analytics, AIOps ensures an uninterrupted customer experience by proactively identifying and mitigating potential issues before they escalate.

Overcoming monitoring and analytics challenges – AIOps streamlines data collection and analysis across various domains, offering a unified solution that eliminates the need for multiple monitoring tools.

BMC Helix Operations Management: Key capabilities unveiled

In collaboration with BMC, Blue Turtle is delivering these capabilities with BMC Helix Operations Management with AIOps. Let us delve into the capabilities that make this solution the 'ah-ha' moment IT executives are looking for:

Service-centric probable cause analysis  This feature empowers operations teams to pinpoint the root causes of potential problems swiftly and effectively, facilitating informed decision-making processes.

Event noise reduction – Utilising AI and machine learning, this feature identifies and isolates critical issues amid a sea of event noises, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence.

Anomaly detection – Through proactive issue remediation, it ensures optimal customer satisfaction and minimises the number of incidents generated from events.

Dynamic service modelling – A unique feature that creates a unified view of assets and relationships, allowing for rich visualisation and impact analysis.

Real-time incident correlation – This feature aids in quickly identifying major incidents, facilitating a rapid response to minimise downtime and negative customer impact.

Major incident prediction – Leveraging deep learning and statistical models, it predicts major incidents by analysing many parameters, acting as a sentinel that forewarns impending service degradation or outages.

Proactive problem management – This feature automates the identification of recurring incidents, streamlining problem investigation processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

AIOps: The vanguard of modern hybrid environments

What AIOps does is stand as a safeguard that ensures IT operations teams remain ahead of the curve. By adopting a holistic 360-degree approach powered by AI and machine learning, IT ops can manage an ever-increasing volume of data seamlessly.

We believe that the solution to navigating this complex landscape lies in BMC Helix Operations Management, a SaaS-based solution renowned for its fast deployment, scalability and user-friendly environment. This effective tool promises to be your steadfast companion in accelerating digital transformation, enabling users to unleash the full potential of AIOps effortlessly.

New dawn in IT operations management

In an overwhelming landscape of digital evolution, operations teams need to get on top of the mountains of complex data sourced from myriad channels and sources. The challenge remains – not getting lost in the influx of information or missing critical issues often undetected or camouflaged by event noise. This could impact the performance and accessibility of essential infrastructure, applications and vital business services.

Understandably, businesses today must move the innovation needle, foster DevOps and ServiceOps initiatives, embrace new technologies and spearhead transitions such as lift-and-shift cloud migrations while developing and deploying cloud-native applications. What is the best way to achieve this? The adoption of AIOps, coupled with strategic solutions like BMC Helix, is facilitated by partnerships with industry leaders such as Blue Turtle. Let us run the journey with you.