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Kapalya distribution rights awarded to CoCre8 Technology Solutions

Johannesburg, 19 Mar 2021

CoCre8 Technology Solutions is extremely excited to announce a distribution agreement with Caltrop for Kapalya, an encryption management platform. Kapalya empowers businesses and their employees to securely store sensitive files at-rest and in-transit across multiple platforms through a user-friendly desktop and mobile application. This ubiquitous encryption solution protects all your corporate data by seamlessly encrypting files on endpoints/computers/mobile devices

CoCre8 has an extensive set of solutions, from the edge to the core to cloud, and Kapalya is a strategic partner, bringing a unique offering to our security solutions. CoCre8 is very excited about the partnership and recognises the importance of co-creating solutions with Kapalya.

Our distribution agreement with Caltrop for Kapalya Solutions covers South Africa and English-speaking Africa. CoCre8 has an extensive reach into these regions through an established partner landscape and the Kapalya solution complements the extensive product and solution range that we already have to offer.

Product/solutions highlights

Endpoint security – The encryption management platform creates a secure vault on user endpoints where the data classification engine scans the endpoint for sensitive files and prompts users to encrypt. All data within the vault is encrypted. Each file and folder is assigned a unique encryption key. No additional disk or storage space is taken up on the endpoint.

Public cloud security – The encryption management platform is cloud agnostic and uses client-side encryption, so files and folders are encrypted before leaving the endpoint. While in-transit, files are double encrypted as they move through an SSL tunnel. Since the user controls the keys, your files are protected from eavesdropping by any third party, including your cloud storage provider. A unique encryption key per file allows users to share protected files across cloud storage platforms and to other encryption management platform users.

Private cloud security – Kapalya creates a secure vault for each user on your private cloud as well, to allow file and folder protection within your network. Your internal corporate administrators do not have privileges to view end-user data. Users' credentials are not tied to the enterprise’s active directory.

Encryption key management – Key management is done differently, one unique key for each file, and folder keys are served in real-time. Keys are never stored on endpoints, public clouds or private clouds. Once the function is complete, the keys are destroyed. This approach allows for encrypted file sharing within and outside your network.

When file sharing, only the unique key for that file is shared, not the keys to all your files.

Data classification – Kapalya’s data classification engine scans 250+ file types for social security numbers, credit card numbers, state IDs and drivers’ licence numbers. The engine is customisable to identify the sensitive data your organisation handles. If confidential data is found sitting on endpoints, the platform will prompt users with a list of files and options to preview, encrypt or delete. The frequency of scans can be on-demand or programmed to run at certain times or intervals and can be configured based on business needs.

We are looking forward to working with the Kapalya team to ensure our customers' data is secure, whether in the cloud, on-premises and on endpoint devices.


CoCre8 Technology Solutions

Formerly Fujitsu South Africa, CoCre8 Technology Solutions has transformed its operating model within South Africa. The South African investment consortium which previously held 25% plus one share of the company has acquired the balance of the Fujitsu shareholding, creating a 100% locally owned entity as of 1 April 2020.CoCre8 achieved a Level 2 broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) rating and looks after Fujitsu’s interests in South Africa and English-Speaking Africa by being the Exclusive Fujitsu OEM representative for Africa.

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