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‘Maximizing’ success: Camsoft's CRM transformation in the office supply industry

By Mark Annett, Head of CRM Sales and Consulting at Camsoft

Johannesburg, 22 Nov 2023
Maximizer CRM – a game-changer for business.
Maximizer CRM – a game-changer for business.

A company operating in the office supply and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry found itself facing a unique challenge recently; how to boost its turnover and transaction volume without investing in additional sales staff. Recognising the potential of a customer relationship management (CRM) system, the company turned to Camsoft and the Maximizer CRM solution for answers.

The challenge

With slim profit margins, the primary challenge for this company was to increase its sales volume. The management team identified the speed of generating quotes as a key solution, but a process for responding to quotes was non-existent and it had little insight or visibility into current response times.

Although it initially considered Camsoft and Maximizer CRM, the company chose a different vendor at the time. Unfortunately, the CRM solution provided to the company proved to be very costly, laborious and, ultimately, ineffective in its implementation. The company reverted to Camsoft, whose team immediately took action to assist the company.

Camsoft's solution

Camsoft quickly provided a tailored solution that precisely addressed the customer's specific needs. Within two weeks, it had a functional system in place, complete with delivery dates and service level agreements (SLAs). This was in stark contrast to the client’s prior experience, which took six months and required a significant investment with little to show for it.

The key to Camsoft's success lay in its transparent documentation of how Maximizer CRM would meet the customer's requirements. And by presenting a succinct proof-of-concept, including a simple and user-friendly workflow diagram that highlighted the client’s operational pain points and solutions, Camsoft ensured the company's transition to the new CRM system was seamless.

The implementation phase was swift and the system began delivering the intended benefits within just one month.

Results and unintended benefits

Within the following year, this client had not only doubled its spending with Camsoft, but also reported a substantial increase in the number of quotes generated, leading to much higher revenue.

The company's competitive advantage was further enhanced with the ability to provide quotes within 24 hours, resulting in improved customer loyalty and trust. As a result, customer satisfaction increased and customers no longer felt the need to seek multiple quotes elsewhere, also saving them time and effort.

There were significant additional benefits to implementing the CRM system as well. Staff satisfaction improved, sales increased and staff turnover decreased. The organisation also experienced less frustration among its sales staff, stabilised user counts and managed to decrease the need for training. This brought greater consistency and efficiency to their sales operations.


Camsoft's Maximizer CRM solution has proven to be a game-changer for businesses in various industries. It provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions, streamlines processes and enhances efficiency. By automating routine tasks and simplifying operations, it frees up resources for more personalised interactions with high-value customers.

Camsoft and Maximizer’s success is attributed to keeping processes simple, well-documented and client-centric. This approach has resulted in remarkable improvements in terms of revenue as well as customer and staff satisfaction for its clients. As this case study clearly demonstrates, a well-implemented CRM system has the potential to drive positive changes and success for any business.