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Maxtec announces new distribution partnership with Imperva

Johannesburg, 10 Aug 2023
SQL injection and cross-site scripting pose significant risks to business.
SQL injection and cross-site scripting pose significant risks to business.

African business are facing numerous cyber security challenges. Web application attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting pose significant risks, while distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks consistently disrupt services. Data breaches are a constant threat with grave financial and reputational consequences. Moreover, the increasing use of APIs introduces security vulnerabilities that require immediate attention. Navigating compliance with data protection regulations becomes a critical challenge to avoid penalties and safeguard reputation.

Addressing these issues is paramount for organisations to ensure the security, integrity and availability of their data and applications.

This is why Maxtec is excited to announce a new distribution partnership with Imperva, for end-to-end application and data security that protects critical apps, APIs and data, anywhere, at scale, and with impressive ROI.

Imperva takes pride in its extensive reach and global presence, providing top-notch cyber security services to a vast customer base. With over 6 200 enterprise customers spanning 150 countries, Imperva has gained the trust and recognition as a reliable security provider worldwide. With a dedicated team of over 1 300 employees stationed in 17 different locations, Imperva ensures localised support and expertise to cater to the diverse needs of their clients.

Imperva's suite of security solutions boasts an essential toolset to combat modern cyber threats, offering web application firewall (WAF), bot protection, API protection, distributed denial of service (DDOS) defence, and database activity monitoring (DAM). To sign up for a free trial, click here.

“The integration of these tools substantially augments businesses in South Africa to protect data, applications and APIs while assisting in their commercial and financial compliance,” said Praven Pillay, Managing Director of Maxtec.

The Imperva WAF is a key component. It addresses application layer threats effectively, providing real-time identification and neutralisation capabilities. WAF is integral for maintaining a secure digital environment and for compliance with payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) requirements.

Encompassing tools such as API and DDOS protection are essential components of today's digital environment. Imperva’s API Protection shields sensitive data transfer, ensuring secure, uninterrupted operation of digital services. Alongside their DDOS protection tool, it secures continued business efficacy amid intense attacks. Complementing this security framework is Imperva's DAM (Database Activity Monitoring), offering real-time insight into data activity for early threat detection and mitigation.

Furthermore, the Imperva Bot Protection solution represents an advanced tool for mitigating harmful bot activity, including content scraping, credential stuffing and DDOS attacks.

“We anticipate that Maxtec’s partners in southern Africa will value the comprehensive security coverage provided by Imperva’s suite. These solutions align with strict regulatory compliance while safeguarding data and application security,” said Christine Nel, Commercial Director at Maxtec.

We look forward to delivering these additional security solutions to our partners, reaffirming our commitment to quality and reliability.

To find out more about Imperva or to set up a demo, please visit or email us on



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