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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement customer success at Eastern Cape Department of Health

Johannesburg, 27 Nov 2023
Dynamics 365 offered the Eastern Cape Department of Health ease of use.
Dynamics 365 offered the Eastern Cape Department of Health ease of use.

Customer summary

The Eastern Cape Department of Health (ECDOH) in South Africa delivers health services to the citizens of the province. The shared call centre is responsible for tracking and tracing all the operational outputs from the various programmes of the department. They selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 because of the global standards that they saw. What was deployed was Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement focusing on case management, through 4Sight’s partner, Nkusi IT, and 4Sight assisted with adoption and change management on the project.

Fact sheet
Solution: Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Industry: Government healthcare
Provider: Nkusi IT Specialized Services
User: Eastern Cape Department of Health


The customer had a lot of challenges because for them to plan properly in the department, they had the need for a credible database. They were also experiencing delays in resolving the problems of the clients due to their on-premises software environments, where their servers were starting to age and upgrades that were not being maintained, so they were losing support from Microsoft, not being on the latest software releases. They did not have a very stable network at the time; they had constant outages, resulting in the system not being available and, therefore, them not being able to take cases and assist the citizens of the Eastern Cape.


4Sight’s partner, Nkusi IT Specialized Services, successfully deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM online at ECDOH, focusing on case management and incident management. One of the reasons the customer chose the solution was that they wanted to check all the operational outputs of the various health facilities in the province. The fact that the platform is hosted by Microsoft and is locally based in the South African regions, they could enjoy an online platform that is always online. Microsoft is sitting at around 99.9% uptime, guaranteed to customers. Where the partner focused on the technical delivery and software development, 4sight was focusing on the soft landing of the technology within the department.

Benefits and outcomes

Since the Eastern Cape Department of Health went live with Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement online, they have never been down. When a person applies to the department for a missing document, these are readily available online. They also have improved their planning because they learn from the data they get from Dynamics CRM, at a click of a button. They can see the performance of each of the facilities, tracking and tracing the operational outputs, even through their mobile phones.

Dynamics 365 offered them ease of use. Through the click of a button, they can navigate anywhere, making their lives a lot easier. Within two or three fields, they can capture the information timeously. Basically, they have the information needed about the customer and are able to call the customers back. Visibility has improved; with their credible source data, they are able to pull statistics monthly, weekly, daily and hourly of what is going on within the shared contact centre. And with integration to software being used for the visually impaired people, the individuals could also easily grasp the new solution and what to do within Dynamics CRM.

Having gone live in March, the department has seen an uptake of the platform by 80%, indicating the power of change and adoption, the power of the training that was provided by 4Sight. Due to 4Sight being flexible in terms of learning the customer’s environment, the cultures of the staff and ensuring that every single person was aware of what is coming, the department was well ready for the change.

Nkululeko Silimela, Founder and Director of Nkusi IT Specialized Services, says: “Working with 4Sight was great. The relationship has grown from strength to strength since 2019 and the experience that they brought into the project was immeasurable.”