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MTN celebrates 25 years with 95% 4G coverage in SA

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 10 Oct 2019
MTN SA CEO Godfrey Motsa.
MTN SA CEO Godfrey Motsa.

Pan-African mobile operator MTN today announced it has reached 95% 4G coverage across SA.

MTN says it focused heavily on extending connectivity reach, while also transforming pricing methodology to adapt to the changing and growing markets it seeks to serve.

The telco’s microwave link network now serves over 70% of businesses, while the fibre-to-the-business network spans over 18 000km and has a capacity to serve over 30% of the business community.

In addition, MTN says it has eight data centres and 30 regional data centres.

The carrier, which is celebrating its 25th birthday, says the coverage will guarantee subscribers access to new and disruptive online services.

MTN SA CEO Godfrey Motsa says he has much bigger plans for the future, connecting the unconnected to a world of digital possibility.

“This year marks 25 years since the birth of a democratic South Africa and also marks 25 years of consistent innovation and delivery by MTN. We have been privileged to play a leading role in connecting the lives of so many citizens at home and across Africa and our focus is to continue shaping the very best future for all our customers and communities.

“We are very proud to be part of an industry that can genuinely change lives for the better. The idea that it is within our hands to offer everyone the benefit of a modern connected life is incredibly motivating, which is why we’ve worked to create a network that can actually deliver on high aspirations.”

Furthermore, Motsa says, the MTN network is constantly evolving to handle increased demand and functionality.

“Digital access that can drive financial inclusion, empowering and enabling SMEs, jobs growth and broad community development, among many others.”

Motsa points out that with SA in dire need of growth and jobs, MTN’s focus has turned firmly towards growing data, fintech and digital businesses.

He adds that innovation and being a step ahead are hallmarks of the company.

“For instance, if you rewind to 2009, MTN had completed the purchase of Verizon SA, merging it with MTN Network Solutions to form MTN Business. As a result of this merger, MTN Business announced it would reduce bandwidth costs to corporate customers by 30%.

 “We now have a number of exciting plans to help businesses truly harness the power of the digital economy. Nothing could be more important for SA, as jobs will only be sparked through business success,” says Motsa.