MTN HSDPA is tops, say clients

Johannesburg, 02 Oct 2006

Consumers are most satisfied with MTN`s HSDPA services, according to preliminary results of a survey conducted by MyADSL and University of Johannesburg.

The survey rates consumers` overall satisfaction with wireless broadband services in SA, says Rudolph Muller, founder of MyADSL.

The survey, which was based on a sample of 1 000 wireless broadband users, looked at consumer satisfaction levels with services offered by: MTN HSDPA, MTN 3G, Vodacom HSDPA, Vodacom 3G, iBurst, MyWireless, Cell C Edge and Virgin Edge.

Consumers rated MTN 3G second and iBurst third. The survey also shows consumers are least satisfied with Sentech`s MyWireless offering as well Vodacom`s 3G offering.

Consumers rated each facet of a broadband service out of 100 points, Muller says. The report showed the most important facet was price, which scored 25 points, followed by download speed, which scored 18 points.

Other scores were: reliability - 16 points; cap size - 15 points; upload speed - nine points; latency and support - seven points; with mobility rated as least important at three points.