Nclose unveils new modules to its already comprehensive managed detection and response service

Johannesburg, 12 Mar 2024
Stephen Osler, Co-Founder and Director at Nclose.
Stephen Osler, Co-Founder and Director at Nclose.

Nclose, which positions itself as a leading niche cyber security provider, is proud to launch two new modules designed to help its clients address identity leakage and compliance-related challenges within their organisations. These modules offer compliance assistance and identity leak detection to empower businesses in safeguarding their digital identities and assets. Below is a higher-level description of two of the new modules added to the MDR service.

Nclose's suite of cyber security modules includes:

  1. Identity Leak Detection Service: Nclose Identity Leak Detection Service provides organisations with daily automated searches of leaked credentials across various data sources, including the dark web, botnet logs and paste bins. The service detects potentially leaked credentials, and, once detected, investigated and validated, a response process is initiated, which allows the client to initiate swift actions to mitigate risks. With detailed investigations and monthly reporting, organisations can stay informed and take proactive steps to secure their leaked credentials.
  2. Compliance Module: Nclose Compliance Module offers clients a solution to meet regulatory requirements effectively. Through deploying the Nclose toolset, clients gain access to tools for log retention, custom compliance-based alerts and dashboards tailored to compliance-related events. With complete data access and selective log retention, organisations can ensure compliance without compromising cyber security efforts.

"We are thrilled to introduce these innovative cyber security modules to our clients," said Stephen Osler, Co-Founder and Director at Nclose. "In today's digital landscape, proactive protection and compliance adherence are paramount. With these new modules, organisations can strengthen their cyber security posture, detect identity leaks, ensure compliance and fortify their attack surfaces."



Nclose is supported by a team of 100+ engineers, business professionals and cyber security experts who work in a culture of openness and collaboration to ensure every client consistently receives excellent and effective cyber security services.

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