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Paratus readies its Goedehoop satellite teleport

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer, ITWeb
Johannesburg, 13 Nov 2023
Paratus’ Godehoop teleport station nears completion.
Paratus’ Godehoop teleport station nears completion.

Namibia-based digital infrastructure company Paratus Group says its Goedehoop teleport in Doornkloof, Pretoria is near completion.

The company says the new hub, with improved telecoms, backhaul and data centre capabilities, will help meet the growing demand for reliable teleport connectivity and colocation services in South Africa and across the continent.

MD of Paratus South Africa, Kallie Carlsen says satellite communication is playing an increasingly important role in keeping businesses connected in Africa.

“We can ensure uninterrupted services of our satellite solutions and colocation services,through our robust infrastructure design, which is essential for any business that depends on real-time transactional data, such as the retail and financial sectors, especially when power supply is erratic,” says Carlsen.

A satellite teleport is an earth station that functions as a telecoms hub for connecting a satellite network with a terrestrial network to provide high-quality satellite communication services.

Companies such as Liquid Intelligent Technologies and Teraco also offer satellite teleport services in South Africa.

ITWeb reported that Africa’s space economy is growing, with research predictions showing 23 African countries will have about 125 satellites in orbit by 2025. Currently, 13 African nations are said to have satellites in space.

The Goedehoop teleport has various security measures in place, such as perimeter and zoned electric fencing, CCTV and thermal monitoring, as well as biometric access control at all entry points. 

It features both north and south fibre routes, resilient power backups (A&B UPSs) with separate and independent power feeds, monitored cabinet power distribution units (PDUs), 90 hours of generator autonomy, fire suppression, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Carlsen notes that the Goedehoop station is a major investment for the group and the plan is to relocate the Paratus SA head office and warehouse to the Goedehoop Campus within the next 18 months.