Posiflex touchscreen POS terminals: Strong, stylish, silent

Johannesburg, 23 May 2024

Designers and engineers of point-of-sale (POS) terminals must perform a delicate balancing act. The terminal must be sturdy and durable to cope with notoriously busy transaction- and sales-driven retail POS spaces, yet handsome enough to look at home in any modern, elegant environment.

Kemtek’s auto ID division has sourced a range of attractive POS terminals that all achieve that perfect balance, and more besides.

Handsome, compact and silent

Posiflex touchscreen terminals are indeed sleekly designed to complement the aesthetics of the most stylish of POS environments. The designs are also flexible, with compact footprints to save on valuable workspace.

Due to their fanless technology, they are whisper-quiet, ideal not only for retailers, wholesalers and restaurants, where sound volumes can vary greatly, but also for hospitality, healthcare, boutiques and corporate offices, where this would be particularly desirable. The fanless design also reduces maintenance.

Tough and efficient

Posiflex terminals do not trade on their looks alone. Robust and durable enough for the most demanding of daily duties, they are designed and tested to shrug off accidental spills from liquids such as fizzy drinks and water.

With their Intel processors, they boast all the performance, power and flexibility to efficiently handle the most demanding of POS tasks, assignments and duties.

Watch this short informative video:

The perfect fit for POS

Between them, Posiflex terminals cater for a huge spectrum of POS and POS-related users and applications, including:

  • Retail stores who seek efficient POS solutions for seamless transactions and that want scalable solutions for checkout management, and wholesale stores who require systems that handle bulk transactions efficiently.
  • Cafés requiring reliable and compact systems to manage orders and sales.
  • Boutiques needing sleek, modern solutions that complement store aesthetics.
  • Restaurants requiring systems to handle orders, inventory and transactions, and restaurant chains, for scalable solutions to handle multiple outlets.
  • Pharmacies needing reliable solutions to manage sales and inventory seamlessly, and health clinics for systems to manage transactions and patient services.
  • Hospitality, needing systems to manage guest transactions, orders and inventory, and corporate offices that require internal solutions for cafeterias and staff services.
Posiflex terminals.
Posiflex terminals.
Posiflex terminals.
Posiflex terminals.

Posiflex terminals available from Kemtek

At present, Kemtek distributes three Posiflex models to POS markets across southern Africa:

Posiflex PS-3615-G2

Powerful yet thrifty, this is a fanless POS terminal crafted with functionality and flexibility in mind. It features a 15-inch wide PCAP touchscreen, fanless technology and an adjustable base to scale that meets both retailers’ and consumers’ expectations – all within an affordable, yet attractive and feature-rich terminal.

Posiflex XT-3815-G2

A sleek fanless point-of-sale terminal that features a 15-inch true-flat PCAP touchscreen, beautifully sculptured slim body and attractively curved base stand to make it look at home at any elegantly decorated store. More than just good looks, the XT-3815-G2 offers ample performance and flexibility to satisfy the most demanding daily POS operations.

Posiflex XT-8315-G2/XT-8315E

A high-end fanless 15-inch point-of-sale terminal that has been enhanced with an 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake CPU, making it powerful enough to handle any task imaginable. Its very sleek design makes it one of the most visually desirable terminals on the market. It also provides for the selection of two foldable bases, the curvy slim GEN7E base and the larger but practical GEN8E base (optional). There are two model options: the standard XT-8315 (12V/60W power supply) and the XT-8315E (12V/150W power supply).

You can find more technical details about these Posiflex terminals on our website.

For more information about the unique range of Posiflex POS terminals available from Kemtek, please call Anthony Shumba on 011 624 8000 or e-mail him at