Reliable IP fax services for (W)ISPs

Pangea is now offering its free unlimited on-net fax over IP services across 16 Wi-Fi networks nationally.

Johannesburg, 25 Mar 2014

Since the launch of its secure, reliable fax over IP service in January 2012, Pangea has been able to expand its services to reach hundreds of end-users in all nine provinces in South Africa from Limpopo province all the way to Cape Town across 16 wireless and satellite network providers.

Pangea is also providing faxing solutions to a number of large VOIP providers currently. The service enables all users to send unlimited free faxes to each other, reducing communications costs significantly. The success of the service has been proven by an average growth of 15% per month over the past two years, according to Leon Labuschagne, director of Pangea.

Pangea Communications Inc. has been selling fax platforms and services for 15 years in 34 countries and terminate millions of fax minutes per month presently in SA alone through its gateways in operation

Users of the MFAX service will be able to send and receive faxes connecting their existing fax machines to any IP network through an analogue terminal adaptor (ATA) through the Internet (similar to Voice over IP), thus without the need for telephone lines. Faxes are sent encrypted with a full audit trail, but with a similar reliability of a standard telephone line.

"We expect continuous growth in our services with many more new VOIP providers testing our solution successfully and promoting it to their customer," concludes Labuschagne.


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