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RevBits further enhances its USB device protection capability in its Endpoint Security & EDR solution - delivering an unrivaled granular policy environment

Business Wire via ITWeb,
MINEOLA, N.Y., 02 Oct 2023

MINEOLA, N.Y. - RevBits announces that it has further strengthened its already robust USB device policy environment in its endpoint security & EDR solution by adding a defining field for device serial numbers. 

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RevBits Endpoint Security & EDR is a next-generation endpoint security solution delivering complete protection from malware through its three-phased analysis engine and the deepest EDR module on the market. The solution's EDR module provides total forensics and endpoint mitigation features and a US-patented technology for protecting the kernel through its anti-rootkit function.

In addition to its strength in detecting and blocking malware, RevBits EPS & EDR removes the threat landscape of malicious acts delivered through USB devices.

In "USB drive malware attacks spiking again in first half of 2023," Bleeping Computer, July 23, 2023, Bill Toulas notes the following:

  • A threefold increase in malware distributed through USB drives in the first half of 2023.
  • Unique advantages keep them both relevant and trending in 2023, as Mandiant reports.
  • Advantages include bypassing security mechanisms, stealth, initial access to corporate networks, and the ability to infect air-gapped systems.

"RevBits understands the seriousness of the threat that USB devices pose," said RevBits CTO Mucetba Celik. "USB-based external devices can deliver malware through an unwitting employee and a malicious insider looking to harm their company. We are constantly looking at the most meaningful ways to improve our solutions, and we have done that in our EPS product regarding our USB control capabilities. We now give the administrator the power to lock down their USB use environment and protect the company."

RevBits Endpoint Security & EDR allows administrators to deeply define what is allowed and not allowed in USB device use.

Within the USB policy-setting environment of RevBits Endpoint Security & EDR, policies can be set on the following five significant parameters:

  1. USB device type.
  2. USB device serial number (SID).
  3. USB device vendor identification (VID).
  4. USB device product identification (PID).
  5. Enable or disable USB ports on specific or groups of workstations to control USB use.


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About RevBits

Established in 2018, RevBits is a comprehensive cybersecurity company dedicated to providing customers with superior protection and service. RevBits delivers protection against the most sophisticated cyber threats companies face by offering multiple advanced security capabilities that can be administered through a unified security platform. RevBits is headquartered in Mineola, NY, with offices in Princeton, NJ; Boston, MA; London, England; and Antwerp, Belgium. For more information on RevBits, please visit RevBits.

RevBit's complete solution suite offerings are RevBits Endpoint Security, RevBits Email Security, RevBits Privileged Access Management, RevBits Zero Trust Network, and RevBits Deception Technology. For customers running more than one RevBits solution, the administration is managed through RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform, a unified, single-pane environment that curates, correlates, and alerts to threats while delivering intelligence for a quick administrative response. RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform integrates with all common SIEMs.

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Neal Hesterberg
Vice President of Business Development